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Sara Xubersnak

Sara Xubersnak

9 months ago
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Sara Xubersnak
About me
Hello, I'm Sara, I'm Toxian city nurse . You can find me in the Hospital where I work.
(Look her 1st life)

Ask for my phone number if you need.
Fell free to talk me.
I live in Toxia since 29-March-2009 (Feline 26 y.o.)

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Sara Xubersnak Sara likes: scratch others kittens tail Sara hates: when pp dont tell thier name or ignore you when you attemp to know them
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Sara Xubersnak Sara has a special fun by scratching others kittens tail
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Sara Xubersnak

Q: Sara is an alone girl, as long as her parents are disappeared. She ran around the world until she arrive to Toxia. She are living in this city since begin 2009. Is she comfy living in Toxia?

A: Definitively, I think so. Sara likes to live surround of known people and known places and buildings. Likely, this will be her country forever.

Q: Sara was taken and protected by the Righteous since her first days in Toxia. Why she left?

A: Well, it’s complicated to know what is going on inside the mind of a person. It’s known by everyone that Sara was an unconditional Righteous. She was used to be surround and loved by her family. Having seen the things through the screen, I could say that she was not able to follow the changes in her family. Many old people who love her was left and with the new ones was not possible to initiate any connection (from both sides). Her thoughts was turn cloud, and she fallen in deep depression and crisis of Faith, not being enough strong to follow. She had to escape from that vicious circle. In summary, I think she felt alone between Church members, in special for new members. She couldn’t deal being nearby to “familiars” (IC she supposed hearing conversations, because they don’t know between them and any further words exchanged) and she was staying as any other visitor in the Church or in the city. Only OOC looking through the screen you could see they belong to the same group as long you could see the same tags over their heads. If some like this happen to you, then you have fallen to bottom.

Q: Did Sara well leaving the Righteous?

A: I my opinion, maybe she has been hurry, she could wait a bit more hoping the things could turn better, but two months in that situation was too much for her. She walked without target and her thoughts cloud. She could not even think with clarity, even her despair carry her to try to suicide in the Factory. She would never have left Righteous, but her mid was like a zombie main, not processing data.

Q: Sara is a kitty now. What happened?

A: As I told, she tried to suicide in the Factory. After she jumps to ground from 2nd floor she was in critical state, fortunately people from the Factory got keep her alive, but in the long cure process her DNA was mixed accidentally with DNA from a feline previously healed in the same machine. Then she evolve into feline. The first days was very hard seeing how her body was now, but now she is comfy being a kitty. Sometimes she miss her original human condition, but now she is used to be cat and cat reactions. She is happy.

Q: Is she comfy with the Prowlers?

A: Quickly, the felines took care of the little kitty wandering by the city. Now she is under their protection. She is happy as long as she have a family taking care of her and being integrate with her family.

Q: Is her crisis of Faith over?

A: I think yes. At least, I don’t see her lost around. She re-took her work in the Hospital and she runs about exploring as she likes.

Q: Sara has shown to be a great faithful Righteous. We could understand she had a crisis of faith. But, now the crisis has gone and she seems fine again. Should be Sara return with the angels and God path as she was before?

A: That is difficult to answer for me. Sara has been an authentic Righteous all her life. I am almost sure she could try to return to her path, but that would be go to destination unknown. After all, how many people she knows in the Church at now? one, two, may be three? Anyway, I don’t control her mind, I only can say what I see from outside of the screen, only she knows what things are going inside her mind.

Q: What do you think about what next?

A: As I told before, only she knows what next. She drives her own life.
Sunday, 09 August 2015 10:40
Sara Xubersnak
"Together we stand, as divided we will fall."

Great words taken from a Righteous member profile.

Thanks Layla for show us these words. It would have been good to have been with you in the Righteous.
Saloio DecostaSaloio Decosta on Thursday, 18 June 2015 13:06


laylanovphionlaylanovphion on Tuesday, 04 August 2015 08:32

Aww that is so sweet sweetie, thank you so much :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 09:26
Sara Xubersnak
Days ago Sara shown her resignation to Righteous. I know she is very sad, as well as me. Very much difficult to both write that letter and walk back room in the Church. More than six years ago, when she arrived alone to city, they offered her a home and protection. And the most important, she had a FAMILY, in spite of she was not a lot involved in how her family deal the matters around city, she was like a pet, any sis walk besides her without ask comfy: Sara, how was your day, or, come here to sit with us. Feeling the family love around her was enough for she be happy.
Lately, since time ago, she seems a fully unknown in the church. Sometimes seeing women in the church, hearing them they seems sisters between them. But never had they wonder who is that girl sited in the first pew. She was down step by step, and not even trying to know them. She had NEVER left her family, as a doggy had never left his owner. She was unable to fall more down, and wandering around, the worst came. I don’t want remember that afternoon in the Factory, neither following days.
Seems now is my turn to press the button labelled “Leave Group”, breaking so the last tie with the group. I feel my finger very heavy to move it. In fact, I feel losing something that is a part in my life, as Sara felt as well. At this moment I am very sad, but I must match Sara actions. At least she lives inside the screen and she didn’t suffer writing this letter.
Knowing Sara behaviours, I am sure that she will NEVER forget her Righteous family, as well as me. Since Factory people got snatch Sara from death hands, she continues living in Toxia. Sure she will continue having very good feeling with the few Righteous members that she still know, as well as me. From now on, I will follow her grow in the city. Ahhh, she is so pretty with her ears and tail.
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 14:30
Sara Xubersnak
Few posts below me wrote that Sara IC and OOC are the same person living parallel lives in different worlds. But, what can you say about when one of them decides throw her body to ground from 2nd floor in a building’.
I saw her alone and sad lately, I knew she was suffering and I was suffering besides her. Wandering around as a zombie, she didn’t have motivation to follow. I have been besides her when she cries in her office in hospital, in spite of she couldn’t notices me. But I never suspected is this can happen.
Looking through the screen from my OOC position, I think she lost the love of her old family and she didn’t get that love again in this new stage. She hardly was show up in the church. I looked like that she doesn’t felt the heat of the home, simply I think she was seeing people get in and get out into church. She didn’t have any reaction inside neither outside the church. In summary, she was a foreigner. Sincerely, I think that she was afraid again in Toxia as when she was just arrived, I think that is the reason why she hides of the crowd.
How I feel myself’. So, you have never been there seeing how a person bounces his/her body in the edge of roof with his/her view lost in the horizon. What reasons could have somebody to do that’. I was there when she was standing up in the handrail. I understood quickly what it was happening inside her head. I could yell “Sara don’t do it”, pass my hand through the screen and pull her, but it was not possible. Now she is in very critical state, only the machine in the factory is keeping her live, for the time being. I don’t care to recognize that I am afraid about the future. I don’t know if she will can survive, it’s little likely seeing how she is. If she get to live I will follow her to anywhere. In both cases I will be there Sara.
Wednesday, 04 March 2015 17:05
Sara Xubersnak
I feel something is happening inside Sara's brain. I dont know. She dont have strength to follow her family matters. Dont feel herself inside family as time ago she felt. Could the word be apathy' could be. I dont be able to understand what could be. Fleetingly memories comes to her head about how she had to run away from her native city and she is afraid. Why sometimes I can see her crying in her office in the hospital'. Should be possible to pass my hand through the screen, touch her soulder and say her I am here for you. Some day, somebody find her sitted on a pew, he/she approach her saying: hello miss, can we help you', as she asked a lot of times, then surely she looks up a bit for answer: all its good thanks, and she will continue lost in her own thinks. If some like this happen to you, that means you have fallen to bottom. Have I found now the correct words': lack of motivacion. No neither. If I could ask her... I think her last relationship with the Rights is the title over her head, and obviously she cant see that.
Monday, 16 February 2015 11:53
Love you sara, from your days as a doctor in the hospital , always helping the innocent, and taking care of the family, you are a wonderful person, I am glad to know you

Saturday, 06 July 2013 10:58
Sara Xubersnak
Sara Xubernak: History of a wandering girl.

(“If you are going to dead, be sure you will be remembered”. Sara will never get this, but...)

(When you look your PC screen you only see avatars supposedly driven by humans, but behind each avatar can have the most unusual reasons to be there.)


The content of this letter is a mix of IC and OOC things, for OOC knowledge.
After all, often I think Sara IC and Sara OOC is the same person living parallel lives in different worlds.


-Hello anyone who read this letter, first if you don’t know me I am Sara IC and OOC. I have taken time planning to do this. Also I know some people were hoping to read it. If you think who is this girl and you don’t care, I understand but at least I need respect for my feelings.

I don’t know very well how star to do this, I don’t be fine writing letters, too much time, days, weeks, thinking what and how write this. I hope who read this doesn’t be bored and you attach little value to this. I am excessively shy, also I have had a complicated life, and the life has given me many blows and drives me elusive. Life in Toxia is a way to get out of the reality.

Fortunately, my life is better now and Toxia has a special meaning for me, helping me to find a path, a home in the Church and a family which took me from the streets of Toxia. I know that I take this “game” too seriously, although the days I don’t log I review the IMs, mails and website every day. I don’t know if that is good or bad, possibly could be any psychological dependency but I feel fine driving Sara. Since I began to work with SL and live in Toxia, more than 4 years ago, I make myelf in SL thinking I could live other live outside of reality, keeping my virtues and throw out my faults. As I said I am excessively shy and introvert, I find a lot of difficulties talking with others and making new friends, this is a big problem that I have tried to clean here, but seem I have not gotten it. I can’t change my personality. After one month wandering in SL I arrived to Toxia, a dark and strange city very different to others, with strange inhabitants and dangers where is important have friends and people loving you to survive. I decided begin a new life there, I felt she could be fine in a city like that, with different way to live and act than a rl city. I have to say I use to go to same places, pubs, etc, I am known there and I need to be with known people and/or known places.

Now this is Sara’s city, she is in her place. In my first days in the city, in spite I was afraid due to dark, strange habitants and many fights by the streets, she wander around trying to hide but thinking what she could to do in that city. Of course, she must be human, she is a weak girl no fighter, used to survive alone but needing cares of her known people. Soon she knew a man called Sal and guide her around the city. She only can be useful helping people and her family from the rearguard, working as nurse in a city with a lot of bloodshed by the streets. Sara is a girl extremely faithful to her family and her own beliefs, since her first day in Toxia she knew that she would have a lot of work as nurse and she took place in the hospital, is like her home.

The 1st life tab of my profile says Toxia is important for me. That is so, maybe sometimes doesn't seem it, but drive Sara around Toxia is just a duty more in my life. I feel myself better having this parallel life ... and how many points so similar. As I said before, I like to be an habitual inhabitant in the sites, I try to log almost every days, because although I am not good rper I like the people know that I am there, Sara is living there, not for visit in the city.

You should not confuse if she is walking alone around city, she is a shy girl and I am difficult to manage a rp, although I like be involved, at the end all we are here for that. I don’t know how explain this well. Maybe the most similar thing is I have a pet, I feel the duty to take care of she. Is not only that, due my personality, with tendency to be alone, Toxia is like a therapy for me. I don’t feel fine if she doesn’t feel part of the city or family, if I am a unknown person or I fail in any rule. I am a very sentimental person. She needs to feel love and protected by her family, after all she in her original family always was “the little Sara”. Now she only has the Righteous inside that cyber-world.
Sara likes to come any event/meeting/party/class/etc in spite not being a lead singer, but being closer the action. Many times the schedule is difficult and finally Sara, each one her own world, not feel fine thinking she is not paying enough attention. As I said, be in Toxia is more than a rl game for me. Is helping me to be less shy and be closer people. I know that I fail a lot trying to get it, I can´t change my personality easily and I still need a lot of help. You must love me/her so. If you see Sara in a people group not talking much, sure she would like to start any relationship but at the same time she/me is afraid to do it, not knowing what to say or how manage the situation.

Now you know some things more about that girl dressed with nurse clothes around the city. If you have arrived here reading this letter I hope not gotten you bored, this show you each avatar has his own history IC and OOC, sometimes so closer by similarity and so far by living in worlds isolated to each other.

Finally, I would like to give special thanks to Saloio Decosta y Pilgrim Larnia for trust her from the beginning, also to her sisters, to entire her Righteous family, and everyone who meet her any time, even some people who no longer live in Toxia.

I am friendly if you want to ask anything.
Love you all.
Sara Xubersnak.
Saloio DecostaSaloio Decosta on Saturday, 16 March 2013 02:40

Thank you for sharing Little Sara, love you too, hugs.

Friday, 15 March 2013 13:58

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