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Taking a rest, the young woman sits on the cool dirty sidewalk in front of the library, carefully inching as close to the wall as possible to hide in the dim shadows of the towering building. She scans over her surroundings making sure no one was paying attention to her as her body then relaxes and she takes a deep breath in. Spotting the stripper on stage through the dirty glass windows of the bar across the street staring at her blankly, until she notices a flutter after the dancer does a move. Her eyes leer at the girl momentarily as she digs into her backpack pulling out her journal and a pen. Opening the book and shaking the pen furiously trying to get it to write she looks up at the woman once more before she begins to write...


"You know they say seeing is believing, but I don't know what to believe anymore. With mama and daddy being so Christian like, so strict, I was willing to take into account just about any religion out there could possibly be true, or that there was no god, but I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be like this. Is this the beginning to the end, is this ground zero for the war between good and evil?"

She sits back going into deep thought still watching the Angel strip on stage until she slowly drifts off to sleep.

Inherently good, these powerful beings are SAID to be the servants of God himself, a pure positive energy created in a physical form. Each seeming to have their own assigned purpose whether it is guardianship, messenger, teacher, warrior, or to perform specific tasks either in the divine or on the Earth. Capable of tapping into a pure untainted energy by means of prayer for self preservation, the protection of others, or to assist them with reaching certain goals. These are free thinking entities with more knowledge of the divine than man, but not omniscient. Having varying degrees of personality traits, emotions and social skills, or lack there of, reflecting their purpose; their reason for their existence. Given an overabundance of the traits they need to perform their assigned tasks, but sometimes lacking in others; some lacking empathy, some consumed by it.


Angels look quite Human with the exception of large feathery wings protruding from their back sometimes with a beautiful glow covering their entire or parts of their body. They may float a foot off the ground, or walk along aside you. They say the white winged angels are following their destiny and performing their assigned tasks as they see fit, need to, or are told to. There are Angels with spots of gray and black in their wings, its said those Angels usually have deviated from their goal. Then there's the fallen angels, ones to have said turned their back on GOD whether in disagreement or for self serving purposes, these angels tend to have dark gray or black wings some say from the lack of gods light, some say from punishment, some say from the sin that fills them. Fallen Angels still carry the overabundance of tools given to them to perform their tasks and are highly skilled in those areas, not evil, but may seem to be if they lack empathy.


Most find Angels to be one of the most intriguing entities whether it is because this may be a true sign that there is a divine, how amazingly talented they are in the skills they have been given, or their personality traits that reflect their assigned task. Either way they are dangerous.


** Note: Angels must wear their wings any time they are on sim, they are unable to hide them. **