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Faction: The Continuum

The Continuum


The Innovative Survivalists of Toxian Society.


Disaster hit in the beginning stages of a technological evolution. All organized corporate research came to a screeching halt in the city along with all manufacturing. The city was littered with what was to become. Sifting through the debris, adept individuals picked up where the tech evolution was thought to have died in its infancy and moved it far beyond where its creators dreamed it could be. Limited only by existing hardware, these techno-geeks were dedicated and determined on surviving and thriving in this black hole of technology, and they enjoy the freedom of being without governmental limitations normally found in modern society.


The Continuum is collection of unique individuals with varying degrees of progressive elements and strengths in the areas of technology, cybernetics, and genetics. Pooling their many areas of expertise, they bind together for strength, innovation, and growth. Technology combined with knowledge are their weapons and their means for survival.


The Continuum is on a search for like minded Cybernetics, Mutants, and Humans to be Implant junkies, Street Docs, Techno geeks, Researchers, Cybernetic soldiers, Mechanics, and much more

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