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Toxia's legend suggests vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, felines, and mystics have always lived among the population of the world but have lived in the shadows, hiding from public view. Some of these beings came to Toxia fed up living in the shadows, ironicly they came for freedom. A land without government, without fear of being hunted, where everyone is an outcast, a land where they can live out without hiding in the shadows. Some came to enjoy the dark horrors of the town whether it beto witness or participate in immoral acts or are drawn to the pit ; a direct link to hell. Some of the citizens are children of children from the disaster that grew up in this shitty town. Some are thrill seekers to see if the story is true. Some heard the story and came because of scientific interest. Everyone who came had some reason or another, but yet there is constant conflict between all the different individuals, all trying to live and survive.


Toxia has its own mythos obviously, an does not follow any other RPG, such as World of Darkness/ Vampire the Masquerade, BUT does not close the door on these beliefs. Someones vampire clan roots may be considered their religion, culture or belief system. Not necessarily the facts. This helps players that are use to role playing a certain way. Their belief system is not shunned,, it just may not be accepted by everyone.

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