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Faction: The Prowlers



For many months the strays had wandered the city of Toxia as individuals, their ability to find shelter and prey even in the decaying and hostile environment of Toxia led them to grow stronger and increase in number. Slowly the race of felines began to be recognized as a group. Felines hunt to satisfy their own needs/wants/desires. In a Pride, the strong might eat first, but the strong also bring kits food. We're sly... that's what it comes down to. Not in your face like dogs, not demons, not goodie two-shoes. We're those sly characters that work our way into every house if needed and whether as a pet or as a rawr cat... get what we want. We're Prowlers.


The Prowlers are comprised of Felines of all kinds and types. Living together, accepting, and encouraging each other to live up to the ideal of their nature. They respect the differences between the various types, between the house cats, the tomcats, and the predators. From the cute and cuddly, the wild and mangy, to the sweet-toothed and mean. They accept each other, recognizing these diverse traits as the fragile thread that binds them together and gives them strength. As the very thing that makes to look upon each other as family. All of them related to by their common goal and purpose to support each other to be themselves in this city that threatens to break them into something they are not.


The Prowlers see themselves as the most devoted to Feline way of life. Taking it upon themselves to work hard to maintain the values of being a feline. Whatever kind of Feline they may be. They see their evolution to be an enhancement to their feline

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