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Faction: The Coven



.:: The Coven ::.


History is filled with the persecution of all things arcane. This prejudice has been born of self inflicted ignorance of the common people, thinking that the practitioners of the magical arts stem from one evil source. Deeming all magic as 'Black Magic', and burning those whom were believed to be guilty of said acts had caused a fear to root itself within the actual magicians, both of noble intent and ill, to hide themselves in the shadows. While some of the minor arts, as tarot reading and basic clairvoyance were dismissed as fraudulent, they were mocked by the ungifted, but do we hold our grudges against those that once rose against us? No. Not in our shop, not in our Home.


Though the tragedy of Toxia gave an end to a vast number of innocents, brought about a breeding ground for demons and other darker creatures, it also gave those that practice the arcane a place of solitude. Gone are the days when they practiced in silence. Now they make their presence known at every opportunity. In their eyes anyone that has a problem with the idea of co-existence will, quite simply, no longer exist.


Join us. Come into our home and let us nurture your talents. Seek us out, and help us protect those which we call Family..


We are The Coven, and our motto is simple. "Join us, or get out of the way."

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