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You can find a detailed description of each one of these groups in the info center by clicking on the corresponding poster along with contact information if you are interested in joining. Enrollment is at their discretion.


We encourage you to join the main group so you may be kept up to date of what is going on.


The Factions are self-run and organized and are sponsored by a GM. GMs are only allowed to sponsor and lead one group at a time. The GM does not necessarily have to be the IC (in character) leader but IS the OOC (out of character) leader and is responsible for that group. All OOC decisions and admining must go through the sponsor for that group. Storylines that effect other groups should be presented to your faction GM so he can inform the other faction GMs.


If you are in one of the faction groups please wear your tag from that group to prevent confusion.


Do not create your own Toxian group, you will be asked to disban it. Do not advertise in our groups, or recruit from our sim. This includes products, services and parties.

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