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Role Play Tips & Guidelines



Role playing in Toxian City



Role-Playing & Story Planning Tips, Guidelines, & Rules


Not everyone is expected to be a great roleplayer. It's something that takes time and dedication to learn and get the full effect of how real you can make the experience. One thing for sure though; those who are more serious about playing the part of the supernatural adventurer will frown upon those who speak in the game about pizza or television. Most of roleplay guidelines are just common courtesy, although right and wrong are different to a lot of people. The following guidelines are to make the roleplay more enjoyable for everyone, but I highly recommend you do more reading on the subject.



Know The Rules


All roleplaying games and situations have clearly defined rules and parameters that the participants must follow. It’s important that you, as a roleplayer, should know the constraints placed upon you before you start playing the game. When your actions affect other players, your knowledge of the rules can greatly affect their gaming situation as well. Also, please note that here in Toxian City we role play in Local Chat. We do not role play in IM windows.



Be aware of the Environment & History


Your character can help create this ambiance or help to destroy it. The better your character responds in this environment, the better the experience for everyone. Toxia’s history suggests that people did not come here to fight or die; ironically they came here to live. Of course there are racial tensions and individual conflict that complicate every character's existence. Races are there to provide plot and intrigue to your character, and your role-playing. There are no authorities in Toxia, they turned their back, so we have no police or government –please don’t play them.



Know thy self and be true


Be true to your character, not to the human that drives the character. Role-playing is based on this principle. Race considerations are very important. If your character is a Demon, then your character should be a sadist and not save little kittens and angels from harm, actions like this ruin the roleplaying environment. Think this through when selecting a race. It is perfectly acceptable to create a character that is very similar to yourself. What IS important is that you are true to the character and not your real self in role-playing. If you’re true to the character, you are helping build the role-playing environment.


If a Demon comes to you and speaks of how he loves to save sweet little kitties out of trees, hand him a copy of these tips. If you want to be a do-gooder, pick an angel; choose a race for your character that fits your desire, not the other way around.


Toxia does not have a hybrid race, you need to make a decision and go with it. People really look down upon someone that doesn’t want to play the game like it should be, some even consider this cheating.


One selection under your Picks tab should contain some information and history of your character, its abilities and limitations. Give your character a personality. Work hard to make your character look the part. Show everyone "who" your character is by actions and dress. Demonstrate your personality and your character flaws.


Give your character some time to grow and join with others in adventure, not just chatting about where the monsters are. Build chapters in your characters life. When you do this, you are helping to build the environment for everyone! Remember, you are not alone. The more you "get into it", the more you drag others "into it". The whole city of Toxia benefits.



Be True to the situation


If you just gotten beaten down to an inch of your life.....roleplay the situation, dont go OOC after this, your wounded, well act wounded. Use the build to help you, have your friends take you to the hospital to get in one of the beds, limp into the diner for some nourishment. Get a copy of the wheelchair out of the hospital and ride around in it. If something happens to you ic, then you should be responding.



Be Polite & Respect Other Role players


Give people a chance to respond to what you say. While this probably goes without saying, treating other players with respect is something that should always be done. The point is, treat the player themselves (not the character) the same way you would like to be treated yourself. Please also see godmodding.



Beware of Godmodding


Godmodding is either trying to control another person's character or making a character who is too perfect or too powerful. Make sure when you roleplay that you describe only your character's actions and responses to other character's actions. Don't make a character who knows everything, can do anything, and be careful when creating their skills and abilities; everyone has limits and they should be reasonable. Since this is a fantasy SIM, your character can have more skills than common sense allows in the real world, but there still should be limits to those skills. For example, your character shouldn't be a genius computer hacker who is a 10th degree black belt in karate and can speak 10 languages fluently all at the same time. Picking one super talent is acceptable, but choosing all is going a bit overboard. Never roleplay permanently disfiguring someone’s character; ripping out a fang, cutting off an ear. In your mind they may grow back, but that may not be the beliefs of someone else. Always, always get permission.



Respect the Word


The more you put into it, the more your roleplay will be respected.


Emoting can really enhance communicating your emotional state in roleplay. Typing in observable behaviors that others can see will add meaning to your words.

For Example :

The Difference between

[15:58] Poblano Beauchamp: Hello Miss

[15:59] Poblano Beauchamp walks up enthusiastically smiling " Hello Miss "

[15:59] Poblano Beauchamp digs his toe into the ground and looks down shyly " Hello Miss "


/me sits on my bottom – is not correct


/me sits on her bottom – is correct


Not all people are mind readers so “emoting” what you are actually thinking is a bit inappropriate.


People tend to frown upon not forming full words, for instance saying OMG instead of “oh my god”.


Do not use chatting devices that make you talk in another language so people cant understand you. These devices have been highly abused and you could be thought of as rude and it’s very unproductive to roleplay. If you are just looking for a way to speak to your friends without anyone knowing, use IM.


Use the built in /9ooc command built into the DCS, and only use brackets if your not wearing a DCS. Limit your OOC chat as much as possible in high roleplay areas such as the Haven or in the center street of the sim.



Teaming up


Participate and adventure with other players or in the player groups. Role-playing is the most fun when you have an audience. Yes, this is why the groups were created, not to war, to have more fun. Wars can tear apart communities; they can run players and entire groups out of town and can leave some really hard feelings. Conflict should be determined by individual interaction. Wars are not allowed in Toxia what so ever. If you are more of a tank, make friends with a healer.



Story Planning (important to read rules below for creating stories)


Kids had it figured out. One kid would say “hey Let’s play cowboys and Indians” The other kid would say “ok I will be the cowboy” The other would say “ok I would hide behind that rock and jump out and try and scalp you” Then the cowboy would say “Ok then I will get free and lasso you” It wouldn’t have worked so well if some kid dressed like an Indian just suddenly tried to jump out at a kid walking down the street as a cowboy. Learn to plan and discuss your rps beforehand, at least loosely.


Whenever planning a story do not make the story based around you. No one wants to play out a storyline that leads up to you being the grand master hero of the city everyone worships. Write a generic story that includes many people.


One thing that isn't too fun is when one person tries to decide everything.

Make sure to let the other roleplayers decide on actions involving their character.


If you heard about it tell us. We can pretend we don’t know IC, but OOCly if we know about the IC stuff, the staff members can help move your story along and involve more players.


Do NOT write or suggest stories.......:

1. That would require the build to be changed or altered; Toxia is a very large stage and has a lot of interesting settings to inspire you. Try going into each building, look at the props that are already laid out for you and see what kind of stories you can come up with. Use the diner, the warehouse, the arena, the hotel, the cemetery, the hospital, the factory.

2. Sick again? 80% of suggested city wide storylines are about the whole city or a whole race getting sick, it’s a cool idea, but its been beaten to death.

3. Where one group takes out another group or decides to dominate the city, this is war no matter how you reword it. As I stated earlier - Wars can tear apart communities; they can run players and entire groups out of town and can leave some really hard feelings. Conflict should be determined by individual interaction. Wars are not allowed in Toxia what so ever.


Need story inspiration? - Watch some of your favorite scifi or fantasy tv shows and remember your favorite books.




Recommended reading http://www.skaro.com/larpdex.html



Is exactly what it is says, all forcing is a fantasy. We are a consensual roleplay sim, but that doesn’t mean your roleplay can’t depict you’re being forced