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Faction: House of Shadows




The House will stand while others fall, the Legion created, fraternity tall, chaotic poetry, weapons perched, strike the damned and give them rebirth, walk in the Shadows, my kin...


All that dwell in the House will bleed for the House....


"From the depths of the darkness comes the House of Shadows. They are the advocates of anything demonic and sadistic, powerful and unnatural. They seek to manipulate and control with their prowess and knowledge of the mind, body, and soul.


No one is safe. Your very essence is at stake. This is Darkness incarnate. This is torture beyond comprehension. The Nightmare Has Begun..."


The House of Shadows is a collective. A group of dark souls bound together in fraternal kinship. They are ruled over by the Lord of Shadows. Think of the shadows as a dark council with the Lord at its head.

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