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Rain pattered on the city streets, flooding filth and blood down gutters and making visibility slim to none. A older man, grey just beginning to touch at his temples and facial hair, shuffled from one stoop to the next, using an over turned trash can lid as a makeshift umbrella. The elderly gentleman's stomach loosed a growl, the sound masked to all but himself by a mighty thunderclap which shook the stone buildings on their foundations.

Glancing around, an almost ravenous look in his eyes, an alleyway caught his attention. Few in the city would be foolish enough to throw out food - or rather anything edible as food was a matter of perception in this desolate town. But every once in a while one could scrounge up just enough to make a meal from the dumpsters themselves.

Once more using the lid as a shield against the biting rain, the man raced from under one building's overhang to another. Leaning against the large building, what was once a fishing hub of the city, he shambled towards teh alleyway in question. One hand guided him through the miserable storm, tracing the bricks and words of 'Fish Co.' along the wall, until the first dumpster came into view. Biting at his lower lip, he only had time to take one step towards the object before a low rustle reached his ears.

Freezing responsively, the noise was clearly of some animal, which held the prospect of an even greater meal. But it took only a fraction of a second to recall that no such creatures existed in Toxian City any longer. Fear replaced hunger as his gaze darted about frantically. Lighting flashed once, and a pait of eyes glinted in the night. Twice more and there were two sets. For what seemed like hours past, standing in utter darkness and the man could hear them gathering. A cascade of lighting streaked across the sky and the six figures were illuminated. Growls and throaty hisses erupted from their mouths, claws arming their hands and feline ears and tails adorned their bodies.

Back peddling away from the crowd the male ran off into the night, the felines standing huddled in the rain as they watched the him flee. A swift nod from one of the creatures sent another two to chase him down. All shouts for help or mercy being drown out by the rain.



Suspected of being descendants of the Egyptian Warrior Goddesses Bastet & Sekhmet, presumed as sisters, daughters of Amun Ra. Their powerful blood courses through the veins of their descendants, awakened by the toxic environment, they have developed or were born with the cat-like characteristics of the Egyptian Gods. They possess the agility, speed, and temperament of the feline. Scientists along with the government have tried to harvest this power creating more of this species among the masses, but as everyone knows, you cannot cage or train a cat..