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:Demons: Primary Definition: Evil Force in Physical Form


A lone male stands at the stoop of a large, dilapidated building. In his hands is a strip of paper, the material weathered and yellowed while an address is scrawled in crisp and clean calligraphy. Chewing at the inside of his cheek, the male's gaze flicks from the paper to what numbers still hang on the structure, trying to match the address that a scarlet haired vixen had passed him earlier that eve. Briefly his eyes close, remembering the hustle and bustle of the Haven, the smell of alcohol perverting the air, and the pulsing rhythms of the DJ driving the citizens to dance against each other in a lewd fashion. Then there was her; the red-head that wore so little, body writhing in a manner as if to lure in onlookers. She had come to him, slipped him the address, and with the bat of her lashes she disappeared into the night. Now here he stood, shaking but eager; into the building he went.


The first thing that was apparent was that the building seemed unused. It was dark, ragged curtains drawn, an intricate table set for many.. but filmed in residue and time. Taking cautious steps towards the table, a sudden wail echoed off of the walls, female in pitch. Adrenaline pulses through his veins as the man locates the stairwell, scaling floor after floor as the shouts and pleads get louder and more desperate. Finally the stairway opens into one large room, though this room is inhabited not by age and grime.. but by twisted creatures. All eyes turn on him, but his eyes settle upon the heap of flesh that sits in the center of the floor, blood pooling from the mess and shaping a pentagram. Tearing his eyes from the corpse, his stomach threatening to force him to wretch, he takes in faces one by one. Horns that protrude from foreheads, scaled tendrils that tear free from the flesh of a man's back - writhing eagerly, wings of one woman, leathery and tipped with blade-like claws... and finally, sitting nearest the sorry excuse for human remains - that woman.


The woman's legs are crossed, her pale flesh stained near black with the blood of the victim, her ruby lips parting to show a broad grin coated in the crimson substance. "Ah.. our guest of honor!" Her words bit at his soul, something sinister and otherworldly in the tone. But still the man stands there, unable to move, petrified by the terror of the situation. The woman moved from her thrown, still holding that gore-filled grin, but her form began to shift. Her flesh blisters and falls away, darkness consuming her form as she nears him. But the man's eyes are locked with hers, and as she gives a beckoning motion with her hand, the male can't seem to resist.. walking towards the creature - compelled. Within moments the demoness was upon him, tearing his throat out with her maw of fangs. Seconds later both victim and hunter were lost to the horde of grotesque creatures all vying for their own piece of flesh.

Demons come in many shapes, forms and looks. Toxian Demons all have one thing in common, they are an evil force in physical form.  There are no "good" demons, you would be evil period.  This does not mean you can't be charming, or charasmatic, to lure your prey or to get what you want, but you are bad.

~ You are Evil, period

~ You can change forms, like having a human look and your true self.

~ It is also preferred, or desired that demons look monstrous, we never have enough of those

~ Avatars around SL such as driders, nagas, minotaurs, black shadowy thing, lizardy things, would all be acceptable as a demon BUT .....
~~ You must not role play those races, you are demon, not even role play that's your type of demon
~~ Your avatar cannot be gigantic, there are many avatars in SL that are twice the height of a regular avatar, make sure you get one as close to the normal height as an adult avatar.

~ It is preferred if you look human, that is the body you possess, but it also could be a power of illusion.

~ Please note, this does not mean it would be appropriate for you to change your demon form constantly, your demon form is your true self.

~ You are not allowed to take the form of other Toxian races other than human, aka you cant suddenly be a werewolf one day.

~ You may wear horns in your human like form as some things you can't hide.

~ As with all races, you are not invincible, and any power that you may claim to have, must not godmod

~ You are not the devil, you are not the devil's right hand man, what the hell, would the devil be doing in this shit hole town, common sense.

~ Fallen angels are NOT demons in Toxia, those are still angels.

~ If you have wings, please do not use typical angel wings.

~ Demons do NOT do magic in Toxia, you call upon dark forces, it's just different terminology.  Magic is for the living, you can still cast, do rituals, etc, but it's not magic.
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