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:Vampires: - Primary Definition: Blood Consumer


The old man leans forward to poke the fire as he grumbles.


His raspy, dried voice is dead serious. “Vampires? Now why would you kids want to know about something as god-forsaken as them? Yeah sure, I’ve seen ‘em, sure as yer lookin at me right now.”


He takes a moment to fumble with shaky hands to lift a cigarette to his lips, then struggles with his matchbook with old callused fingers. His face is illuminated by the flare as it finally lights, revealing a grizzled face with scars for a flash, followed by the aroma of tobacco smoke.


"Vampires.. so many myths bout them creatures. Yeah I seen ‘em first hand, like I said.. there were hundreds of them have gathered there, in that Toxian City. Out here in the real world, yeah we got ‘em.. you never see ‘em though. ‘Parently it’s against their laws or whatever to reveal they are vampires, if they do, their elder council will hunt ‘em down killing ‘em and anyone they told. Makes sense though, I s’pose.. can’t have the humans creatin’ mass hysteria, huntings and killings would run rampant on both sides. So, they go to that Toxian City so they don't have to hide, so they don't have to answer to that council of theirs. Hell, they are so bold you might be in the bar and see them feeding off someone in the corner, ain’t nowhere to hide in that god forsaken place. "


"Not all of ‘em gets along neither. See, there's this group of ‘em that calls themselves the Reckoning, ain't nothing but vampires in that group. Some new vampire society, they claim, joining all different clans under one house to become one big super power. Well, there’s a few vampires want no part of that, some believe in the old ways, some feel its just another council dictating how they should be, well they all got their reasons. Those few either become loners or join up with one of those other groups. The Reckoning don't like that too much, I s’pose, considerin’ its some sorta betrayal or something.”


"Either way, they are all blood suckers.. they’ll feed off just about anything in the city, you got blood, those vampires will take it, hell they even feed off each other sometimes, crazy shit I tell you. Don't matter where either, they will dig those fangs of theirs in just about any place on your body where there's a thick vein. "


"Fangs? Oh yeah, they have fangs, some of ‘em even got pointy ears. They ain't just pale neither, some of them look like you or me, some have black and grey skin, some are pale as ghosts. No wings or tails though, and no they don't go turnin’ into bats .. that's just in the movies."


"Protect yourself? Well, damn garlic don't work for sure, nor will a crucifix, hell they wear crucifixes. You don't need to drive no damn wooden stake through their heart neither, if your quick enough with a sword or gun, that'll slow them down, at least enough to get away, but you gotta be quick. But be careful, some of them are much stronger than others, probably best to just run if they are after you.. but would you kids be needin’ to worry bout all that anyways?”




Vampires carry the look of their age and likeness of their Human death.  If a vampire was turned at the age of 40 , he looks 40, the same for if the vampire were 20.  Lack of blood nourishment can cause the vampire to appear to age quickly to his or her true corpse deterioration age.  In other words, If someone has been a vampire for 20 years and without an adequate blood supply they look as though they have been in the grave for 20 years.


Any injury to a vampire and they will heal as long as they have blood to do so, the more blood and the better the quality, the faster they will heal.  If a body part is removed from a vampire, it will turn to ash and disintegrate and they will grow a perfectly new arm with again the proper blood supply,  with the exception of the heart and the head.


A vampire can only be killed in 2 manners, removal of the head or severe damage or removal of the heart.  It has been proven that even after death the brain carries around an electrical current, that "current" must be completely cut off to keep the heart from pumping or the heart the must be damaged.  In turn the body cannot heal, or feed itself and therefore dies.