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The factory was at a dull standstill, dust coated everything and invaded every nook and cranny of the building. Machinery rusted silently in it's exile within the building that was abandoned so long ago..

Or was it?

The sluggish sound of footsteps echoed within the cavernous room, and behind tehm followed soft sobbing. A pair made their way into the interior of the room, one clutching desperately at what used to be an arm but now was little more than a ravaged stump. "Sit down and," the male wheezed and coughed as he spoke, a sound similar to steam and pressure releasing with each effort, "..and stop that sniveling. You'll be.. fine soon." The younger individual, still clutching her ruined limb, sucked in a breath between clenched teeth as she settled onto a flat metallic slab of a table. Running her one hand across it's surface, the woman gasped at the sight of manacles clearly meant for holding a patient to the table's surface. Her eyes flashed up to locate her would-be protector, but he was no where to be seen.

A loud clatter made the woman jump, twisting to look over her shoulder where the hooded man now stood. Next to her, upon the table, a pile of mismatched bits of iron and wiring now lay. The materials were grimey and slick with grease, and a perplexed look came over her features. "What is this for..?" She softly uttered, no more tears straining her features as shock had set in.

Not saying a word, the male reached out with one hand, the digits beneath having a jagged feel to them even through the leather of his gloves. "Don't you worry about that, little one." Keeping her face directed elsewhere, the male soothed, "Now, keep looking that a way and this will all be over soon enough.." Before the woman could question it an iron rod was forced into the bleeding stump. The woman's shriek was sharp and short, a swift knock over the hear all the anesthesia the male could offer.

Hours later, after the sun had set and risen once more, the pair made their way from the factory. The male contiued his limped stride, the movements heavy and labored, and the young woman plodded along side him. Her good arm reached across her torso, however, clutching at her new limb - a mangled assortment of metal and bone poorly soldered together in the rought shape of a claw. Despite the crude handiwork, the digits flexed and closed at her command, astonishing but horrifying all the same.




:Cybernetics: also known as cyborgs, a race of human-based cybernetic beings that embrace the merger of biology and technology. These beings having both biological and artificial parts. The artificial parts (electronic, mechanical, or robotic) are known as cybernetic extensions and enhance the normal human capabilities or they can be used to repair or overcome normal physical and mental constraints. Cybernetics must be represented as visibly mechanical (think The Borg from Star Trek or Darth Vader from Star Wars) or think mechanical parts crudely attached to body parts such as a cybernetic waist you can see though or a fully armored person such as Iron Man.  It can also be something as simple as a head plate, an antenna, laser eyes, or a metal hand.

Toxian City is only a few decades into the future where cybernetic prosthetics are as popular as plastic surgery, but only available to the wealthy.  The black market on prosthetics is very secretive as it is highly illegal but much sought after for many.  You may spend a lifetime searching for such a place that performs these types of surgeries, or be lucky enough to meet the right stranger that mentions Toxian City.


** Note: Full robots and androids do not exist yet.  You must be partially Human and be able to bleed.  The idea of a full robot would realistically make you OP. **