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:Humans: - Primary Definition: Homo Sapiens

Humans - Victims? Vigilantes? Outlaws? Food? Humans in Toxian City have no magical powers, mutations, or implants. The majority of our humans are tough as nails though, they have to be to survive these streets. Some coming from military backgrounds, martial arts backgrounds, or just from the harsh mean streets of the toughest cities. Some may be running from the law, came to check out the legends, accidentally ran across Toxia, or perhaps even grew up here. Less skilled Humans may have protectors, or have bargained their protection in exchange for other things.

Using mostly make shift weapons, swords, knives, and guns as protection. You may run across the occasional human that has managed to get their hands on something enchanted and been trained to use it's powers. But for the most part, if they get their hands on one, the enchantments have no effect.

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