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Avatar Restrictions



~Please do not use an oversized avatar or attachments that are not normal avatar size.  Examples include oversized robots and oversized wings.  If your avatar does not realistically fit through a door without it having to partially pass through a wall or cannot sit in a chair properly then it is way too big.

~Minimum Height requirement is 1.625 meters.  This is an adult environment, anything below that would make you appear childlike.  See more on child avatars below.

~We want our city to be realistic and we support many races.  So you have many options to choose from for accessorizing.  Hybrids are not allowed.  Disruptive avatars that do not meet the city’s atmosphere such as giant bananas, giant tacos, space aliens, and any animal like avatar that doesn’t some how at least sort of fit into the races will be considered griefing and will be asked to change or be removed from the sim.  Also, we categorizes avatars in this respect: if you look like a cat - you’re a neko, you look like a dog or fox - you are a werewolf, you look like a reptile - you are a type of demon.  Please accessorize accordingly to the race you choose on your DCS.

~Some machines can use an AO hovering walk replacer, but should never hover higher than you would normally stand, or travel faster than the normal walking or running.

~Jump enhancers are allowed for traveling purposes only; i.e. going from one end of the sim to the next, jumping on top of buildings.  NEVER during combat.  Wall climbers are allowed as well.  Run enhancers and teleporters are NOT allowed at any time, including omniphaze or anything similar.

~This is a very popular sim which can create a fair amount of lag, any attachments such as huggers, xcite, or extra weapons should be left off if not in use at that moment.  Anything with a scanner or radar is banned, do not use them.  If the lag is bad the gms may do inspections of each avatar, beware.

- DO NOT use gestures and sounds which spam the entire sim, disturb the roleplay and generally annoy other players... You'll be asked to stop or limit the use of such gestures and/or sounds.. Meows or growls etc that fit your char are fine as long as they are not spammed.  
~Shouting is fine in an In Character nature, occasionally, but do not spam chat with it.

~*~*~*~SEX AND NUDITY~*~*~*~
We try our best to have something for every fetish.   Please do not WALK around the city with your genitals hanging out. Doing the nasty in an alley is one thing, walking around completely naked is another. We’ll warn you and ask you to stop, if you don’t, you may be subject to a 7 day ban. You have clothes, wear them.

Is exactly what it is says, all forcing is a fantasy.  We are a consensual roleplay sim, but that doesn’t mean your roleplay can’t depict you’re being forced

Absolutely NO ageplay or child avatars are allowed in the city. No arguments and no exceptions. If you show up with a child avatar and/or we catch you doing ageplay, you will be banned immediately. This is an adult sim, with adult themes and child avatars and ageplay have no place here.  You are not even permitted to have ageplay in your profile, we use profiles here to define a character played.