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Combat Rules & Regulations




Combat Rules of Engagement & Etiquette (Version 20110908-01)



Combat is not allowed in the following areas in Toxian City; these are "safe zones":


o The Information Centers and Landing Docks

o The DCS2 Store

o The Haven Bar

o The Shelter


Do not run into these safe zones during or immediately after combat.  Attacking someone then running into one of these safe zones to avoid retribution is not only unfair but using the rules of the city to bully others.  You make your bed, lay in it.


To engage in combat, you must have a DCS combat meter, other meters are not allowed.


If your DCS is activated (/9on), you are welcoming combat. If you do not want to engage in combat, deactivate your DCS by putting it into non-combative mode (/9off).

Do not detach or turn off your DCS2 meter during or immediately after engaging in combat.

There MUST be some kind of warning in character before you attack.  It doesn’t have to be major, just as long as they get the hint.  A one liner is sufficient, but the more you put into it the more you are role playing.  The other party does not need to respond before you attack, but to be respectful and courteous you should wait a moment for them to get into position or respond.  We are a roleplay sim with combat as an enhancement, we want role play and believe this minor rule encourages it throughout the city.


When initializing combat, you should be in the realistic view of your opponent. This means:  sniping is not allowed, do not attack or shoot in the back; to initialize combat, your opponent must be facing you. The following are exceptions to this rule:


Exception A: They try to run after they realize you are after them.


Exception B:  You have been role playing with them in a threatening way and they turn to walk off (example: YOU: "You bastard you killed my mother!" OPPONENT: "So the fuck what" turns as he rolls his eyes giving a "shooing" motion with his hand and begins to walk away) -- A scenario like this .... shoot the fucker.



Do not attack players that are under 100% health, unless the other player initiates the attack. You may attack, no matter your health level.


Do not attack someone that is not wearing a DCS meter. Do not attack someone whose DCS meter is in non-combative mode.


All DCS fights are one versus one, unless all parties involved OOCly agree otherwise in advance of combat.  Group fighting a NPC monster is an exception to this rule.


Do not continuously hunt down a single individual, revenge once is enough.


You must have a valid "in character" (IC) roleplay reason to attack someone. This means engaging in combat "out of character" (OOC) is not allowed. This means killing sprees are not allowed. You must have some valid in character RP reason to gun people down -- "I'm evil", "I'm crazy", "I'm a homicidal maniac" are not valid reasons to randomly attack people.


Do not walk around asking people if they want to spar, it takes just a little more effort to rp a few lines of roleplay.  We ask that any practice you do, you do in the arena in the Lowlands. located here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Toxian%20Lowlands/187/92/27 .  Some Factions may practice on their roof and that is allowed, but not in the streets.  If you are just practicing you probably aren't role playing your wounded out, other people witness this and just think you suck at role playing, so keep the practice to the appropriate areas.


Also, do not be the bully and just go around looking for people to fight to build your XP.


Do not go AFK (Away From Keyboard) in the city for more than 15 minutes; all of our players are live and active.  If you are /9on and AFK, you're as good as dead.


Players are not monsters. If you have nothing to do with the RP of a fight, do not jump in. No ganging up. Do not use teleporting as an option to bring your friends to help you in conflict situations -- it's not realistic.  Conflict should be determined by individual interaction.


Jump enhancers, run enhancers, teleporters or teleporting, sim-crossing, and flying ARE NOT allowed during combat.


NPC Monsters versus player fights: NPC monsters will try to kill anyone and everyone.  If you heal an NPC monster after it's been defeated, it will get back up and try to kill you.  You DO NOT IM or RP with a NPC monster, it will not respond.  Using AOE powers while attacking a NPC is not against the rules -- however, it is considered bad form; AOE spells damage every player in the area.  Attacking citizens who are attacking a NPC is a party foul.


You DO NOT roleplay or advertise in local your own or other player's DCS levels.  Your level, your opponent's levels are not IC information and should not be offered locally.  There is no DCS2 level restriction between fighters; for example, a level 40 player can attack a level 2 player, and vice-versa.


While players will try their level best to win a DCS fight, there is a matter of grey area left for foul and fair alike. If you jump someone you're sure has targeted someone else, or if you purposefully try to instigate violence with someone else in order to get your intended opponent to switch targets, or if you jump into a scene that is not yours, or if you randomly pick a player and contrive an arbitrary IC reason to attack that player. You're playing foul.  Though these offenses are not technically against the rules, they will likely get you ICly and OOCly shunned.


Breaking more than one rule constitutes a repeat offense.  You know better! These rules and regulations may be amended at any time, check this website to stay current.  Ignorance is no excuse.  You will be warned, offered an official warning, or banned for repeat offenses.


*** Never does one rule void another ***