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What is Toxian City?


Welcome to Toxian City


Toxian city is a dark urban live action role playing game (LARP) built within Second Life. A LARP is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters' actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting while interacting with each other in character.


Unlike most RPGs in Second Life, Toxian City has its own mythos and does not follow the path of any other game. It is however, loosely based on both new and old American Hollywood Horror. The dark and gloomy setting is what's left of a blue collar port town after a major toxic spill creating a domino effect catastrophe.


Toxian City's dark and highly detailed world was designed to submerge players into the story; stimulating role play creativity beyond normal means. Devised to evoke a sense of horror and to give the characters a wide variety of settings to utilize. The Dynamic role play is primarily driven by players (the citizens) mediated by the Toxian Guidelines with occasional citywide stories implemented by the Game Masters using NPCs (nonplayer characters) and environmental changes.


Our citizens consist of a wide variety of races supported by the Toxian Mythos. You can become a blood sucking vampire, a ravenous werewolf, a frisky sly feline, or an implant junkie Cybernetic. Perhaps you like to dabble in magic and become a Mystic, or want to cross over to the dark side as evil demon. Toxins altered your genetics so now you are a Mutant, or maybe you were sent here to try and stop all this madness as an Angel. You can even frolic through the chaos as a human, as a hero, perhaps an outlaw on the run, or maybe a victim?


Toxian City utilizes the DCS2 combat meter which allows for us to program these races into our RPG (role playing game). Giving the players races, different types of strengths and skills per race and class. Allowing them to level and advance just like your average MMORPG.


There is a constant natural friction among the citizens with so many different types of characters in one place. The only common enemy among them is an array of Toxian themed NPC Monster Bosses they battle and unite against.


Are you ready to try to survive in our harsh streets, battle mutated monsters and become part of the community, fall into the pages of Toxian City.