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TOX Character Template



We recommend you create a character profile and put it in your SL profile. Here is some helpful tips to get you started.


Should be less than 2048 characters so that it fits into 2 picks of your Second Life profile. If your profile is too long, no one will read it.


Try to give it a storylike feel, be creative and unique.


Make sure it does not contradicting the Toxian City Background


Make sure you don't make yourself too godlike (godmodding profile) aka unbeatable/queen of all the vampires, or the direct spawn of satan (why would satan be here, this is a shit hole town)


Embed yourself in Toxia, Use the Toxian setting (example: works at the diner, hangs out in the Haven bar)


Possibly mention how Toxia effects you or why your here or like being here or cant leave etc.


Only mention the exact race you are (example: saying werewolf, not husky)


Only mention MINIMAL race change*preferably no mention of more than one change (example: mentioning starting human, going feline, demon, angel, then cybernetic wont be taken very seriously) But starting out human getting changed to vampire and mentioning that is fine.


Character Info






*Character Background/History/Biography:


--Questions that may help define your character--

1. Where were you born?

2. What kind of family life did you have?

3. Are there any secrets in your past or acts that you have done that you are ashamed or proud of?

4. What do you feel strongly about?

5. How honest are you?

6. What about yourself do you like?

7. What about yourself do you not like?

8. Do you have a job and do you like it?

9.Do you have any Vices?

10. What are you virtues?

11. Are you religious and if you are how does that affect your character?

12. What are your long term and short term goals ?

13. What does your character look like how does it dress and why?

14. What are you afraid of?

15. Is there anyone you care about deeply?

16. Is there anyone you hate deeply?

17. Are you an individualist or do you like to work in groups?

18. Do you use any false names and why?


--Character personality traits, strengths and flaws--

1. What is your general demeanor.

2. Do you consider yourself moral or immoral.

3. What do you think about good and Evil.

4. What is your most admirable trait?

5. What is your weakness?

--Other general traits to consider--

Are you Charismatic, intelligent, brave, weak, loyal, disloyal, leader, follower,

manipulative, physically strong or weak, educated, emotional, etc...


~Check out the GM Character profiles here- for great samples and to get to know your GMs