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Weapon Guidelines



Weaponry Guidelines



Using illegal or banned weapons will be considered griefing and can get you banned from the SIM.


Any of the weapons available in the DCS² store are usable in Toxia, make sure your weapons settings meet the criteria below. If you would rather use something else, we cannot stress enough how important it is to be sure that what you want is allowed in the City.

The staff holds the right to stop combat for a weapons check if the performance of your weapon is suspicious.


There are free melee weapons available in the store.


No more than 2 melee weapons or 2 guns at the same time. When using a weapon that is two handed, you may not use another weapon in your other hand. A two handed melee weapon or a two handed gun use both your hands to wield them so it is unrealistic you can hold another in your hand. Talons on your arms and a rifle is ok, two rifles is not ok. you are not allowed to have more than one DCS² proc dealing melee weapon equipped. Some guns use a wrist attachment point but look like they are in your hands so you can still carry swords. This is allowed only if the sword you are carrying completely disappears out of your hand when you sheath it. It looks silly and unrealistic to have a gun in a hand and a thick staff in your hand at the same time.


Almost all Melee weapons are allowed (with push and particles disabled) UNLESS they were scripted to use bullets, for instance Samurai Island weapons use the bullet concept in their system which makes them illegal to use (when DCS² registers both the bullet script and the melee it's cheating ...remember, their swords are specifically made for THEIR system, not for universal use).


Magic – Only DCS² magic is allowed, check the DCS² manual for your race powers and the DCS² store for add-ons. Be careful purchasing some items that claim to be DCS, if they are not in our store then they are not DCS.


Guns – All gun developers are different, so the settings on one gun may not have the same meaning as the settings on another. Absolutely no freebie or homemade guns allowed. If you're not sure about a gun or if you just want to make sure that it's legal, contact a staff member for a weapons test.


Do not attach weapons all over your body, the most you can do is dual wield. Wearing claws on your forearms and guns in your hands are acceptable because technically you cannot melee and shoot at the exact same time. No more than 2 shooting devices on at once, no more than 2 melee devices on at once. If you are caught, you will be banned for cheating.


Toxian Gun Requirements

Standard/training/damage bullets (test this)

Must Reload

Have shell/clip/casing ejection turned off

No Explosive Rounds

No Push/Low Push

No more than 30 round clips (50 round black ops guns are the exception)

No full auto

No caging