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Item Restrictions



Banned Weapons & Assistance Gadgets (as of November 2010)


No - Third Party Vampire/Werewolf Systems (The Thirst: Bloodlines, Vitae, The Hunger, etc)

No - Third Party Magic Systems (Wishmaster Hud, Wyvernclaw wands, Charmed Hud, runemaster, faerune, etc)

No - Racial Translators (vampire translator, neko, dark elf, etc)

No - Carducci weapons - Creator: Various but mostly Lil Carducci

No - Armory Overstock weapons

No - Welttechnologien Weapons

No - C-Tech (Hostile AK47, Redemption MK4, M41A Pulse Rifle, Mach 10, Mech Armor weapons, etc) - Creator: Compulsion Overdrive

No - Combat:Samarai Island Swords

No - Novum Guns - Creator: Tyrant Ludd

No - =Joz= brand guns - Creator: Michael Sullivan

No - Omega Concern Guns (Single/Dual Sig P229s, Sig 556/GL, XM109, etc...created for the Omega Combat System aka OCS.) - Creator: April Heaney)

No - VTL games (ADP-3's)

No - Dreamwalker Design Guns - Creator: OniRoS Ling

No - Fairlight weapons excluding the following approved one: PLD-08 Pistols, STG-14 Autoshotgun, MP5K, and AK-FL8 - Creator: Julia Faulkland

No - Aubretec brand weapons (Black Widows, Psitec, VX-7 pistols, etc) - Creator: Luc Aubret

No - Blooddoll Lulu weapons (Sinistars, Sin Wicked Clerics)

No - Triphlex guns

No - Weapon Systems (Psitec, Combatec, Quantum Core, Omicron, Dopestyle, Abbadon, Exousia, X_HUD, Force Prophecies, Souls of the Damned, Nasty Hud, etc)

No - Shields

No - Lightsabers

No - Melee Weapons based on the free LCK (Lightsaber Construction Kit) scripts due to damage bullet they use.

No - Freebie Guns

No - homemade guns

No - LoLSBS compatible guns

No - Bows/Crossbows with the exception of the DCS Shadow Bow

No - Explosives

No - guns with built in scanners or targeting devices (Guns that don't require aiming to hit their target)

No - scanners or radars of any kind, multigadgets, multitools, mystihud, avatar scanners, removable clothing detectors, sexual preferences and arousal scanners, etc.

No - Use of other combat meters besides DCS2

No - Excessive particles

No - Laser looking bullets. (I know we're a bit futuristic but we use traditional weaponry rather than laser beams and death rays.)


Special Notes



Fairlight PLD-08 pistols, the MP5K, the AK-FL8, and STG-14 Autoshotgun are allowed for use in the sim. All other Fairlight weapons are not approved. The PLD-08, MP5Ks and AK-FL8 should be set to basic bullets with no effects. The HD (High Definition) bullets are a 2 prim bullet meant to look good but impact that sim harder. The MP5Ks and AK-FL8 must be in semi fire mode, and the STG-14 autoshotgun should not be using slug bullets which are explosive bullets, otherwise these guns are fine for use in Semi or Burst mode. The rest of the guns by Fairlight don't meet sim rules.


Kilara Armament Company (KAC) guns made by Chaos Kilara are fine to use as long as they first set them to Combat System Mode (CS Mode which turns off shell ejections, particles, muzzle flash, clips, switches to damage bullets) and then select Training bullets. Their damage bullets seemed to bounce around oddly but the training bullets worked just fine. The creator said she will be fixing those damage bullets.


If you have a banned weapon, do not wear it, even if you’re not using it, it adds to the lag