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Once you purchase the DCS², your product will arrive within a minute or so. Open your inventory and select the "Recent Items" tab, drag the item out of your inventory onto the ground, then touch the box to open and copy the contents in your inventory. Go back to your recent items in your inventory and you will find the entire contents of the package. Right click and select "wear" on the DCS system as shown in the pic with the yellow marker.

Immediately after attaching, your new DCS will load and check for updates. The DCS is constantly improved and sometimes the vendors have an old version. If you are handed an update, please repeat the steps above to get the current version out of the box. Out of date versions are not compatible with current versions.

WARNING! It is very common for players to hit the mute option when given an update. If you do this, you will not be able to receive updates, receive other DCS products or even be able to get a response from DCS If you do not get your product or update, please go to the top of your screen select view then mute list.

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