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Faction: The Righteous


-An old tattered piece of paper floats by catching you attention. You pick it up noticing elegantly written red cursive scrolled down the lines.-


Systems of truth in the field of morals and ethics are not absolute: they vary by culture, by religion, and over time. A collection of individuals that differ theologically in many ways, banding together determined to not to be fully encompassed by the evil that blankets this town; to assist, to keep hope alive, and for survival. As a whole they believe in the inherent worth of every being; that even the darkest souls are not completely lost. They believe in the importance of education for self defense of the mind and the body and promotes individual assessment of evil influences. They are against discrimination and are for freedom of speech, association and expression, with the exception of advocating genocide. They are known as the Righteous, some call them heroes; they call it a choice. What is yours?


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