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Rentals & Apartments


Toxian Apartments Fully Furnished!!!!

695L wk
50 prims
Pay up to 4 weeks or more and get 10% back


~Highest quality furnishings
~Full Living set with texture changing options
~Fire place with texture changing options
~Sexgen Fireplace Rug
~Functional Desk
~Personal Bar & Stools
~Bookshelves through out
~Sexgen Beds
~Fully animated Bathrooms with rezzable props
~Curtains that Open & Close
~Private Balconies

.... more to come

Residential only, no commercial.  You are not allowed to sell anything in your apartment with the exception of yourself :p.

You are never to set any other prims within the sim to the leasee group except what is in your apt.

Do not wear the leasee group tag while you are in the sim.

If someone uses/sits a prim to get in your apt that breaks the rules of the entire sim they will be warned on first offense, then banned second.  Do NOT use a security ejector

Everyone is still subject to the rules of the sim.

Keep in mind you will be living in a high roleplay and combat zone, dont expect to get a lot of privacy.  

Apartments & Camping

-The apartments were created for fun.  To enhance rp.
-They are not a place to camp.  
-You are not paying for the ability to camp.  
-You are paying for your own little private place in Toxia and all the prim usage it takes to furnish the apt.  
-To camp in your apartment is cheating.  
---Cheating by gaining XP that your not really roleplaying for, cheating other players out of the apts that would actually use and enjoy them, and cheating the sim and other players out of precious sim resources for you to just idle.  

We do give some leverage because it is your home, but this is being abused, blatantly abused.  Instead of logging out, people are hanging out in their apt to camp for XP.  People are logging in alts and have all their alts hang out in their apt.  People are allowing their friends to camp in their apts.

Friends found in apts when tenants are not around will be considered trespassing and can be ejected.

I repeat ....camping is not what the apts are for.  

If this is why you rented your apt, you should probably end your lease and let someone rent it that will actually use it.

We have mentioned to everyone that camping isnt allowed and have talked with a couple of apt renters about camping.  We do not want to eject people from their homes, and because we havent players are assuming apt camping is allowed and are pretty ticked off that others can "pay" their way to higher levels.  But thats not the case, its misuse.

So with all that said, the tenants along with the nontenants of the sim know where we stand on this matter.  Basically if your not using/on your computer dont stay logged into your account in your apt, you know when your afk, be honest.  Same as anywhere else in the sim.   Now that this is known we are hoping the renters will respect these rules  without us having to take any action.  But if we need to take action, we will, we want the apts to be enjoyed by people who will use them for what they were intended.  

Thank you so much for your cooperation

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