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Vehicles, Pets, & Rezzing Objects






Motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, etc ARE allowed.


No vehicles larger than the average motorcycles

No freebie motorcycles (the bad scripting destroys the sim)

No poorly scripted bikes (we are entitled to do a vehicle check if need be)

No 3 or 4 wheelers

No cars,

No Trucks

No Animals you ride or pull

No Aircraft


Realistic Ground Vehicles only And no freebies

Vehicles must be on two wheels and their wheels must touch the ground.

Motorcycles must be 30 prims or under, motorcycles that allow you to attach a portion of the bike because it is too high prim to make physical without doing so are not allowed


Exception A: A bicycle that is not physical and completely attaches to your body and just plays an animation while you are actually running is ok to be higher in prim count



~*~*~*~REZZING OBJECTS~*~*~*~


Building is not allowed in the city, please go to your local sandbox for such things.

-Do not rez any item that is not pre approved in the rules above or by the staff. Depending on the object you could be banned for rezzing certain objects. This includes objects of a sexual nature... We have more than enough of them available in the sim for you to use and there's no need for you to bring out your own.


Do not create prims to move and fly about the SIM or to obtain illegal access to buildings that are off limits. DO NOT SIT ON PRIMS TO MOVE/FLY/ETC - This is not a alternative method of movement. You sit TO SIT.


Do NOT rez nukes or explosives of ANY KIND. You WILL be banned.




Pets of any kind are not allowed... Even if they just follow you around or fly at your shoulder, they're not allowed. Period. This includes but is not limited to bats, cats, dogs, wolves, horses, etc... This also includes riding animals. No exceptions...

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