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Jobs & Occupations



Help Wanted


Toxian City is a community effort and a non-profit entity, all of our staff are volunteers and role players of the city. We have various positions always open with the occasional special listing. Some jobs are all in character, some are a combination of IC & OOC, and there are a few that are all OOC.




Always Needed


1) Strippers – We enjoy having topless dancers, a lot, but you need to erase everything you know about stripping in Second Life. Remove the particle effects, never ask for tips, do not use gestures to emote yourself. Why? Because we put a lot of weight in effort and realism here. The particles are distracting, asking for tips is just bleh, gestures to emote yourself, in our world, is lazy. People that tend to do those things get ignored by players because it isn't realistic or true to role play, and role play is what they are here for. The better you role play and fit into the character of a stripper at some raunchy dirty bar, the more respect you will get and the more money you will make. You do not need to be “hired” to strip in Toxia. Just login to a tip jar, jump up there and dance away. Toxian City does take 10% of the tips to help with monthly tier, it is an automatic thing, so no worries on managing it. If you would like to have a tag, please contact one of the GMs in the city to give you the Haven Stripper tag in the Toxian City Main Group, but its not required.


2) Bartenders – Role playing that you are tending the bar is fun and interesting. You will notice you get a lot more interaction when you offer people things and people always love to talk to Bartenders and tell them their life story. Its a great way to meet people and get in the action. It doesn't hurt either that you can make mad tips off of it, but just as the stripper role, the better you role play it, the more you will make. Toxian City automatically deducts 10% of your tips to assist with monthly tier. If you would like the Toxian Bartender Tag


3) Prostitutes – Remember, we are a role play SIM, and not a place for you to run your escort service. We expect you to role play and be “in character” if you choose to play a hooker or occasionally play hooker. You are allowed to charge a modest fee whether it is a small amount of lindens or just RP payment. This role is not supported by the city and will not be held responsible if either party is ripped off, because you probably will be.


4) DJs –Toxian city is Headquarters for the Grid wide famous KTOX Radio; playing dark tunes all over Second LIfe. Genres: Industrial, dark, dark techno, goth, dark rock. This position also works off of tips and you can be tipped anywhere in SL from our one of a kind KTOX boxes. If you would like to DJ here please contact Miss Wright.


For those using toxia as a stage for role playing jobs, the city automatically deducts a 10% of your tips.


Do not log into any tip jars unless you are performing or role playing one of the positions, this will result in a warning. Please do not set out your own tip jars.  Just a heads up though, the tip jars will auto log you off within 30 minutes and you will need to log back in.