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Character Restrictions



"All games have rules, whether its a board game or an MMO. Let's take Monopoly for instance, if you roll the dice, but you move to the space you want instead, your not really playing the game, there's no point; If you put as many houses and hotels on a space without paying for them, then your not really playing the game. I am sure you WANT to move to the space you want, or WANT to obtain houses that you don't pay for, but it sort of takes the fun out of it and defeats the whole purpose of the game."


Just like all MMOs, each race in Toxia has certain characteristics that not only define that race, but actually MAKES them that race. A Vampire's primary definition is a blood consumer. I am sure there would be a lot of players that would have a problem with someone playing a vampire that role plays they do not drink blood, they eat hamburgers and fries, well then your not a Vampire. The same goes for a Demon that role plays they have morals, then your not a Demon.


Accessorizing your avatar according to your race is just as important. For instance, cat ears are a body part built in the the genetic make-up of felines, it is a characteristic that makes them a feline. No other race has cat ears. Example, it is scientifically impossible for a Vampire to have cat ears because both races genetic state that make up who they are, are completely incompatible.


The difference between most MMOs and Second Life, is that MMOs requirements are scripted into the game; such as you have no choice but to choose their clothes, their looks, where you need to go next, or how your going to do it. Second life is a place where you can be anything you want. You can accessorize your avatar to your heart's content. It is really a wonderful thing and a very refreshing change from all the normal avatar based games where you are forced to pick from the limited items they have modeled into their game. It is a way of life here in Second life, to constantly change, improve your look, and to try new, limitless things. Its what most of the economy of Second Life is based on.


This same freedom is what has allowed us to create Toxian City, a game within a game. Our players do not have to use the cat ears we have designed, they can make their own, or buy their own. They can be unique, and have one of a kind items that makes them different, special, an item that makes them who they are as an individual, just like in real life. But just as in real life you are always Human, and your genetic makeup and characteristics is what makes you Human, just as would be a feline in Toxian City.


"The freedom of choice is highly addicting in Second Life, so even though there is a lot more freedom in Toxian City than most MMOs, it can be kind of a culture shock to suddenly have rules in a place like Second Life where there are basically no rules. But when you enter Toxian City, you are entering a game, and Toxia's guidelines are instructions on how to play it. It isn't hard coded like most MMOs, its more like the board game instructions, you just follow what it says and that means your playing."