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Recording Role Plays

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:Recording Role Plays:

Welcome one and all to yet another one of Toxian City's classes.

Today we're going to look at an unconventional topic. We talk about styles of role play, role playing taboos, and sim do's and don't's. But now I want to look at what you do after a role play scene is done. Whether you are in a faction and looking to rise through the ranks or you want to record a piece of your characters history for you and others to read back on, there are some tips and tricks that will make this task easier.

There are two methods of recording role plays that are commonly used in Toxian City. The first, though a bit outdated, is recording it all into a notecard. This way you have it saved in second life and simply just need to drag and drop the item to another player so they too can share in your experience. Some factions on sim still prefer to use an in-world mail box to collect their members' role plays.. and in these instances you need to create a notecard and drop it into the mailbox. The second method uses the Toxian City website. In order to effectively use this method you must be in a faction in Toxian City and then you must apply to join the faction group on the website.

Notecards are simple to make and easy to pass around to individuals in second life. I suggest notecarding a role play when you either are saving the role play for your own personal uses or are going to pass the role play to another role player in Toxian City. When you are trying to pass along a role play to an entire faction, however, using a notecard is inefficient. You have to either drag and drop the notecard on a large number of individuals or you need to have a notice sent out to a group that all members are in. Many Toxians don't have notice rights within their factions, so both methods are ineffective for passing information to large groups of role players.

In order to post anything on the website you need to have a ToxianCity.com account. These are simple to create, but if you're having issues either contact a Toxian City staff member or chat with your faction members; which ever group you ask can help you quickly get signed in. We prefer that all role players in Toxian City have a website account and are in their faction's group. While individual factions may have specific rules and guidelines on how to submit role plays (which if they do I urge you to follow them specifically), most follow a similar method. Simply navigate to your factions group and select the 'Create Discussion' button. Be sure to title the entry, and paste the role play log into the 'Discussion Message' section. Once you're done click 'Add Discussion' and your entire faction can see what you're up to!

Now, role plays can get rather lengthy. And when role playing in second life our logs often times contain a lot of unnecessary chatter. DCS experience ticks, combat chatter, friends logging in and out, etc are all distracting to see in a role play log. When you are submitting a role play I urge you to remove all of that, and any other irrelevant messages, from the log and put a space between each role players post. Keeping it neat and organized helps to keep the reader's attention and thus ensures that your role play will be read instead of skimmed or skipped.

Something that I personally like to include in my role play submissions is a header. This header typically looks similar to:

Role Play Title:
Involved Role Players:

Remember, some factions have specific headers that they require, so check with your faction leaders.

Role Play Title. Simple enough, yeah? Make the title relevant to the role play - but don't be afraid to get creative. Typically this is a great spot to include the date as well. Example: Rumble in the Sewers (06/13/2012). Having a title helps keep things organized, and when browsing through the many notecards or entries on the website it helps you locate a specific role play quickly.

Involved Role Players. Another simple section, but with great purpose. Make a note of everyone who was involved. If you feel the need, break this section down to major and minor characters. The main great purpose to this is for faction leaders to see who all is participating with fellow group members and to cut down the need to have three role players in the same faction submit the same role play three times. It also lets us quickly review old role plays and see who all was involved - either to reward them for their role play or to contact them later to clear up any problems that may have come from the role play.

Summary. This isn't always included, but I stress that including a summary before the actual role play log is incredibly helpful. Remember, that while we all love to role play and see what each other is doing, there are certain role plays that we may not want or need to read. Had a break-in in your faction base? Explain it in the summary and I'm sure that all of your fellow faction members will read about it. Having sex in your apartment and felt the need to pass the notecard around or post it to the website? Well there will be some that may want to see just how kinky you are in the sheets while there will be others that will want to skip past that role play. So use this section to let others know the gist of what happened, but not the entire story. This shouldn't be more than a paragraph or so.

Notes. This section is good for noting anything else that doesn't fit into the other categories. It's especially useful if you want to include OOC information or comments that must be seen by whomever will be reading the role play. Below all of this include the actual log of your role play, preferably with some sort of divider between the header and the log itself.

Like so, just enough to show that the log is beginning and the header has ended.

We all have a lot of role play going on in the city, and what good is role playing these intricate stories if we keep them all to ourselves? But at the same time we need to record our role plays in a legible manner and ensure that they are as easy to understand as possible. All of today's comments are merely suggestions, but all help to really clean up your logs and help keep the flow of information steady. Always double check with your factions and see if they have a preferred method to submit role plays, and those methods trump anything said in this class - but my goal was to give those of you unfamiliar with this subject some basic guidelines. If you'd like a example notecard that displays all of these methods please hop in my IM's after class and I'll send one your way.

Let's move on straight to the Questions and Answers section. If you have a question, please type a 'Q' into local chat. If you have a comment, please time a 'C' into local chat. Lastly if you have a suggestion, please type an 'S' into local chat. From there I'll call on you each individually in the order that you piped up. We'll get any and all relevant questions answered and then class will officially be dismissed.


:: Question ::..

Now im actually new to dcs but ive been around rp forever in sl and I was wondering do you guys do fade to black to end a roleplay that is well bad? if not what do you do

:: Answer ::..

We try to not FtB (Fade to Black) unless absolutely necessary. We suggest that the moment a role play has made you uncomfortable to get into the IM's of your role play parter and try and find a way to not entirely derail the role play but to also bring it back to comfortable turf - so to speak. But if the situation is bad enough players will understand if you FtB.