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Healing During Role Play

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:Healing During Role Plays:

Here in Toxia, as well as many other role play sims, it is not uncommon to encounter some sort of violence. Be it something as minor as being punched in the jaw to finding yourself gutted in some alleyway. When we are put into these situations, we have a few choices. We can lay there and pray that someone will come along and try and help you (as a heads up, Toxia is a dark role play sim; odds are if you're laying there gutted, bleeding, and vulnerable you're more likely to be eaten than helped), you can take matters into your own hands and try to mend yourself enough to make it to someone who can heal you, or (and this is dependent on what your character is capable of) you can take it upon yourself to heal your wounds. The situation is similar if you stumble upon someone who is injured. You can ignore them (remember, whomever hurt them may not be far away), bandage them up enough for them to find help, or heal them if you are capable.

In the latter cases, where you stumble upon someone who is injured, always get permission to heal the other person. Here in Toxia you can be wounded in role play as well as be defeated in our combat system, DCS. If you find someone wounded in character, you need to role play attempting to heal them. This can be as simple as '..rifles through his bag, pulling out some bandages and gauze, then proceeds to move towards the injured male's arm. Holding out the supplies, Jaco makes eye contact with the injured man, waiting for some sign it's safe to begin bandaging him up.' If you find someone who is DCS wounded, and you are of the healer class, you need to OOCly ask them, and their opponent if you've stumbled upon a fresh fight, before healing them. This is best done in IM's, rather than using local chat, and aims to prevent OOC conflict as best as possible.  Also note that if you heal a DCS wounded person without permission from the victim as well as the assailant, it is very possible that you can and probably will be attacked.

We're going to start with basic healing. This is healing that anyone can preform due to the sheer simplicity of the action. This is also where many of our healing role plays fall, as in Toxia anyone can role play healing your wounds but it may not be particularly effective or efficient. This includes things like bandages, gauze, cauterization, disinfecting, applying pressure to wounds, etc. As a side note, when I say that anyone can heal, I mean it. While Toxian City does utilize the DCS meter for combat, we are a role play sim first and foremost. So anyone can role play some sort of minor healing when the time calls for it.

As was referenced above, the bulk of basic healing comes in the form of bandages, gauze, cauterization, etc. Things that anyone, if they are so inclined, are capable of doing. Though extremely rare in Toxia, medicine is also acceptable. Things like rubbing alcohol, antibiotics, etc all fall into this 'rare in Toxia' category. You can also improvise. Say someone was shot in the arm, and you need to get the bullet out. Don't wait to get forceps and rubbing alcohol. Dig the tip of your blade down into the wound, pop out the bullet, then tie off the wound with a strip of cloth from your shirt. These methods are available to all characters, as they take the most basic of medical knowledge to preform.

Here in Toxia we have a few exceptional races, and with their innate abilities we have advanced ways of healing others or ourselves. The first group that I want to hit upon is what I will deem the 'magical' races. Though for two of the three races it is more of an innate ability than an actual calling of magic, to most observers their abilities appear magical in nature. These races are Angels, Demons, and Mystics.

Angels, Demons, and Mystics all are capable of the basic healing methods, as well as a slew of race specific heals. An angel may call forth divine energies to protect, mend, or otherwise heal a fallen individual. Typically, though not always, their healing methods are benign in nature. When it comes to demons, many people may be surprised to hear about them healing others. Remember, demons are malicious creatures, and you can express this through 'healing' another. Such as gutting your enemy, then placing little bits of scrap iron or hard bits of brambles from the city's near-dead wildlife into the wound, then sewing it shut. It's going to hurt like hell, and they'll technically have to reopen the wound to get the foreign objects out. Mystics are humans with magical abilities, and as such they have plenty of spells chants, rituals, and salves that can be preformed or created in order to heal.

The next category of 'healing' that I'd like to touch on is a group I'm going to dub 'regenerators'. This group consists of Vampires, Werewolves, and to some extent Mutants. This type of role played healing affects only the individual using it.. meaning you can not regenerate someone else. Each race has it's limitations and it's requirements in order to heal themselves, and can be combined with basic healing techniques.

For this grouping I'll begin with Vampires. Vampires are capable of regenerating nearly any part of their body, but this requires the consumption of blood. The more blood being taken in, the faster the individual will heal. However, be realistic. If someone removes your arm from your torso, no amount of blood will allow said limb to erupt from your torso in a matter of minutes. Wolves have wondrous regeneration abilities, but these take the form of being able to heal quickly. They do not regenerate their limbs and the like until the Full Moon, which as the transformation takes place their body forces the limb to be regrown. But things like bullet wounds, slashes, and the like will all heal over rather quickly. Mutants are somewhere in between. If you rip off my arm, my arm will never grow back. However, it is possible through role play to further mutate and then tote around a non human digit in the place where my arm once was. This can be seen as a form of 'regeneration'.

I group cybernetics into their own category when it comes to healing.. as depending on the cyber different methods could be used. In the end it would boil down to some mix of technology and basic healing. If they have human bits left, and are not fully cybernetic, then you can still apply the use of bandages, medicines, what have you. However, they do have implants and faux-limbs that must be fixed with varying uses of technology.

It wouldn't be uncommon for a cybernetic to heal themselves with things like welding, system scans, harvesting scrap metal to form into new limbs, etc. To some extent it's like a mechanic working on their vehicle of expertise. However, with being a cybernetic comes a multitude of technologically advanced methods of healing. This may include varying experiments, applying cybernetic implants on another individual who has lost a limb (note that this would mean the other player is now considered a cybernetic, and would require a reroll if permanent), and could have a heavy reliance on higher end medical treatments. Think things like x-rays, using medical tools (go go gadget tweezers?), medicines and serums.

Since we've discussed quite a few methods, and ideas, of how to heal one an other.. I'd like to point out that not all healing will work on everyone. You cannot bandage a full-on cybernetic, as no amount of Hello Kitty band-aids will weld together a metallic torso. Often times divine magics, even if being used to heal, will actually hurt our darker races. Or perhaps a wolf or vampire may ask that you don't heal them because that, mixed with their regeneration, may cause complications in the wound. This is slightly different than asking for permission to heal, as you may get the okay to try and heal, and the attempt will still fail. Either that or your heal may not have been perfect and things like infections can be role played out.

With all of that being said, I want to move from 'healing' and on to being 'believable'. One of the things that makes role play most enjoyable is when people make it as realistic or believable as possible. If you are hurt, role play being hurt. If you are freshly healed, expect to be sore and the wounds to still be tender. If you simply role play that you were near dead moments ago.. but now you are perfectly well, you're killing role play that you, and those around you, can partake in. Though it's not specifically a rule on sim, it's good role players etiquette that the more severely you are wounded the longer you should role play healing from the wound.. even with divine intervention.  This also applies to those that use energies to heal another.  It only makes sense that an energy based race feel weakened after healing a person.

If you are wounded, as in you either have been beaten down through DCS or you have an open injury due to something in role play, play into it. You'll bleed, or bruise. You may be short of breath. Vision may be blurred, or perhaps you're seeing double. Limp, crawl, gasp for breath, spit blood. Whatever the situation calls for. If you refuse to role play this out, it can look bad on you as many will see you as dismissing what they've done to you.. such as if I stab you, but you ignore the wound and continued to punch and kick. You can still fight back if wounded, but look at the situation as if it were happening to you. Logically you would be somewhat impaired in fighting off your attacker(s).

Have you ever pulled a muscle and felt the pain that can linger for days.. weeks.. months or more at a time? Just because you've been healed does not mean that you are one-hundred percent fixed. Especially when the injury was to a muscle, this results in limping and lingering pain for quite some time. The more accurately you role play your injury the better it will look on you as a role player, and the more believable the role play scene will be for those observing and partaking in the role play. Remember, this applies to a DCS fight as well. If you fall, and are then healed, you should be role playing some sort of reaction to the healing wound.

Despite the many outlines, suggestions, and methods I've described.. understand that we always want to ensure that you all are having fun while role playing. You should be enjoying yourselves on sim, and your role play should help whomever you are role playing with enjoy themselves. As always, if there is a OOC conflict with whatever is being role played, please be the mature adults that I know you all can be and get in touch with them. A simple IM to try and sort out a simple misunderstanding long before it turns into a huge OOC dispute.