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Trouble and You

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:Trouble and You:

I'd like to focus first on our IC troubles. These come in many forms, but like I said, most can be handled simply by using your role play to guide the story into a better direction. The IC topics that I will be discussing are unwanted DCS fighting during role play, magic in role play, personal weaknesses, faction bases, and character opinions. Each have their own ability to cause problems and each has a proper way to either view or react to said issue.

Here in Toxian City one of the greatest and worst aspects can be DCS combat. We are a role play sim first and foremost, but we do embrace our combat system. Because of how popular DCS fights have become, we have instituted a way for players who with to just role play (either all the time or during a specific scene) you can make clear to other role players that you are not looking for a fight. In an ideal case, if things feel they are going to escalate into a DCS fight, but you have not been given an IC attack warning, you are urged to hop into the other players IM's and simply explain that you do not want to DCS fight - then continue as usual. If that doesn't work, but again a fight warning has not been given or the fight has not begun, the simple fix is to turn your DCS into the non-combative state by issuing the command /9off.

Our second topic concerns magic. Magic is a very versatile role play element and can be rather unpredictable. This is something that both role players (the caster and the individual who is having magic worked upon them) must remember. OOC communication is key to pulling off any kind of magic during a role play scene. Don't plan everything out, but make sure that your role play partner understands the gist of what will be happening. Also remember that just like anything else, magic doesn't always work. Even the most learned sage will screw up a spell from time to time. I just can't stress how much communication helps prevent issues during role play. The more you talk in IM's, the more cohesive your story becomes.

During role plays it is easy to forget that both your character and your fellow role player's character each have their own weaknesses. When one forgets, they do not act upon them, and as such you linger nearer and nearer the dreaded 'god modding'. Always react in a believable manner in role play. Take your falls, and let other people win once and a while.

Faction bases are both a safe haven for role play families as well as a hub for role play itself. Within a faction base you may stumble upon business, fighting, healing - really any sort of story. However, when things get too rough, we have a rule in place to protect whomever lives within the faction base. Here in Toxia, if a faction member ICly states that you must leave their home you must, no matter what, begin to leave the base. You don't necessarily have to go peacefully - as you should stay in character - but we do require that you back out of the base and continue role playing. This isn't to be abused, but is meant to keep our factions homes safe places for faction members to role play.

Remember: Anything IC should be taken IC. When a player says something, it should be taken as something the character is saying, not the player sitting at the character's controls. It is not uncommon for harsh words to be exchanged when a moment gets heated. But it is important that you separate IC and OOC comments. A character is allowed to have a specific opinion or view of another character, and depending how that individual is dressed or acting may make that first impression a negative one. The trouble to be avoided here come in taking OOC offense to things being said IC. Just keep a level head, and remember that there is a boundary between the two.

Now, most of what I've covered so far are IC issues; situations that you may find yourself in IC that need to be handled carefully. But now I want to cover some topics that deal purely with OOC, or in some cases with role play guidelines that should be followed. These topics are Metagaming, Godmodding, unsolvable disagreements about a role play, OOC arguments in local chat, and trouble in IM conversations. Each of these have their own method to be handled, some of which involve calling on the support of sim staff while others can only be handled either between yourself and the other player, or through Linden Labs.

Metagaming is the first on our list. When one metagames they are acquiring information from an OOC source. This could be tag reading, reading your characters profile, or perhaps your online blog. Metagaming can be rather destructive as if someone suddenly knows information they shouldn't, and they tell someone else, it will begin to spread like wild fire. The best way to handle this situation is to hop into your fellow role players IM's at the start of any metagaming, explaining to them the situation, and asking that they keep in mind that they couldn't have possibly known whatever it is that was metagamed. Be polite, specific, but firm.

God modding falls into one of the categories that we explained above. Remember, all characters have weaknesses. By ignoring these weaknesses, playing your character as if they have unlimited power or otherwise taking the free will away from a fellow role player you are god modding. Both the sim staff as well as role players in general frown upon this behavior. As such, always allow the other player to respond to your actions as they so choose, and be realistic when you are responding to their reactions.

Regardless of what the dispute is about, if you and another player cannot come to an agreement in your role play it is best to take a moment, step back from your keyboard and keep your calm. If either you or your role play partner lose their temper nothing good will come of it. If absolutely no compromise can be made, you have only a few options. You can simply change the subject of the role play entirely, void the role play and just step away from each other, or cease the role play for the time being and meet up again to try the scene from where you left off. Remember, there is no point in letting anger or frustration get the better of us. We are here to role play, to have fun! Not to bicker.

If OOC boils over from IM's to local chat, we ask that you quickly pull it back into IM's. Local chat is a place for role playing to take place, not for OOC discussions or arguments. If someone on sim is continuing to rant in OOC, in local, then it is appropriate to call a sim GM to help reign in the individual. Again, don't let anger get the better of you, always strive to be the bigger person. We like to keep Toxia as relaxed an environment as possible, while still keeping it safe, so we will do what we can to push the OOC back into individual IM's.

Now, if IM's get hostile, understand that we GM's cannot assist you. This isn't because we do not wish to, or that we support whatever the other person is saying or doing, but that we are bound my Linden Labs ToS and cannot ask for, be passed, or act on IM logs passed to us. In these situations you need to ask the individual to stop IMing you - and in the worst case scenario you need to file an Abuse Report with Linden Labs. But let's hope it doesn't get to that point.

All in all, I'm hoping that I may have shed some light on how to deal with various scenarios one might find themselves in, regardless of what role play sim you are on. Remember, IC and OOC trouble lurks on every sim, but with proper knowledge, level headedness, and support from the staff of the sim you are on all will be well in the end. Lastly, as I always try to stress, communication is the key to keeping your lives drama free!