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:: How to Register ::

In order to create an account on ToxianCity.com simply do the following:

Click on 'Members Section' -> 'Create an account' -> Fill out the questionnaire.


Please provide an accurate Second Life Username, though if your character goes by a different name in world, feel free to put that in the 'Character's Name' field. When picking a password, please choose one that is different from your Second Life password.


After hitting next it will being you to a screen where you can fill out your basic information, which will be displayed to the public. Feel free to fill the 'About me' section with your character's biography or short story!


The last screen you see allows you to apply a image to your profile. This just further helps other players identify who exactly you are on the website.



:: Groups and Factions ::

Our registered players have access to are the various Factions and Race groups. Here you can chat with fellow role players of your race, join your faction's personal group (where you can plan role plays, read up on what fellow role players are doing, handle group notices and announcements, etc), and the like. These groups are in place to help bring your fellow faction members together as well as to help get rid of the outdated notecarding methods.

To locate the Groups section of ToxianCity.com go to: Members Area -> Applications -> Groups -> All Groups.


:: Calendar and Events ::

The calendar is designed to allow players to suggest their own events (be it a party, DJ event, sim-wide role play, what have you), which the GM's will look into and from there the event will either be accepted or asked to be revised. Only in the worst cases would we outright deny a specific event. There are many sim-wide events that commonly show up on the calendar. Things such as Shelter Classes, Double Exp Fridays, and the Full Moon events. While you may not find it necessary to check these regular events, remember that by reading each event you can figure out what times these things will be happening, for how long, and any other information that may have changed since the last event. When logged in and viewing the calendar, you can also select any given day and submit your own event. If you do, and you notice that your event hasn't been approved in a timely manner, please don't hesitate to poke one of the GM's.


To get to the Toxian City Calendar, click the Upcoming Events link at the top of the page!



:: Sim Rules and Guidelines ::

First, our website's main goal is to get the sims rules and regulations out to new players, and old players that need reminding, essentially what we expect out of our players. By role playing in Toxian City you are agreeing to abide by the rules put in place. These cover various topics; from avatar restrictions to role playing tips, combat tips, and vehicle limitations and specifications.


Any player in Toxian City who wants to engage in combat in our sim should have read this section of the website, and if you haven't yet - go take a look. We cover everything from Safe Zones to when it is acceptable and unacceptable to attack another Toxian with DCS. This section also covers our policy on going away from the keyboard, while /9on, for extended periods of time. Remember, Toxia is a no camping sim. So if you're afk you should also be /9off.

A branch off of the combat guidelines, we have a special section for weapon guidelines specifically. Here we discuss which weapons rules (such as what can be worn with what), our policy on using illegal weapons or griefing tools on sim, and gun settings. We also touch on the fact that DCS is the only combat system that we allow in Toxian City. This includes other magic systems in Second Life.

Our Item Restrictions page details the weapons or other items that are not permitted while on sim. These range from weapons designed to be far too powerful, tools used to grief, devices made to encroach on your Second Life privacy (like spy and radar HUDs), and more. If you have a question of whether or not your weapon is legal, this would be the place to check first.

When it comes to avatars, what restrictions we have in place are there to either help enforce Linden Labs ToS - such as keeping your avatar height above 1.625m in our effort to keep age play out of our sim - or to ensure that there is a strong visual difference between our races - such as limiting pointed ears or feathery wings to specific groups.

While we allow, and sometimes encourage, players to use things like motorcycles on our sim, we do have to maintain lag levels, prim count, and sim lore. This section touches on the above topics, and on certain subjects like pets in Toxian City. We do not allow pets of any kind in Toxia, our reasoning of this has to do with the amount of toxins in the air and water, the short supply of food, and a few other factors.

Yes, that's right! We do have apartments here in Toxian City, but even they have their own guidelines that must be followed. Remember, you are paying for an IC home for your character, a place to bring others for private role play, etc. Not a place to camp experience while away.



:: Role Play and DCS Classes ::

The newest section to the ToxianCity.com arsenal is the Toxian City Role Play Academy, or TOXRPU. The TOXRPU holds our classes and acts as a nexus of advice for new roleplayers, Toxians, and occasionally DCS users. In order to navigate to this section simply click the 'New in Town?' button on the top of the webpage, then look to the bottom right of the screen. Here there is a list of various classes to browse.