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Tonks Baphomet

I play a really annoying mute. When she enters a scene, it's time for charades!

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Jaco Guisse

Name: Jaco Guisse Age: Twenty-Four Who am I? I am Jaco. I'm a Toxian. Born to survive, and willing to do

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SophiaScarlet Resident

awaaa \^w^/

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kayleekills Resident

Second in Command of The Continuum, a virtual rainbow of a mutations. Nice to meet you.

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melangle winterwolf

Melitessa was one of the five leading scientists in charge of research at the chemical manufacturing plant. Her

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Annmire 24 Human, thinking about going vampire? (No Rush) One of the many impoverished struggling to survi

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Devvy Emerald

RP to Find out

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Sahale Winterwolf

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KurikoOkita Resident

Tophat, named Jane Doe by Felice of the library, is a human hasn't much a clue of what brought her to Toxia, no

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camille Cannned

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apocyle blackheart

Under construction

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Ami Deceit

Character info: Dee Wallace arrives in Tox looking for a missing person and information about the people who

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Windy LeFavre

I was born in a small village in the mountains of present day France over 1200 years ago. I lived there peacefu

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Dark Tracer

See in world profile

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AislingKanoni Resident

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aveenatharron resident

i use this profile for both my alts, aveena and karanna. FYI. aveena is a dark angel. at last update, in t

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Mnenom Czartza

Dark hair,intense blue eyes, with Heightened senses, and Fangs adapted to kill , have not relative parents know

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Sublime Frequency

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KadifeMehtap Resident

Read SL Profile Picks for additional information. Name: Kaia Krystal Race: Mutant Rank: Crusader Age: unk

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Elsurion Wizardly

The streets don't strike me as menacing anymore. The very foundation of the story is shattered. Remedy this,

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Drucilla Moleno

A wolf through and through, dont fuck with her, she will rip you a few new ones then devour you....tread carefu

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Marwan Paine

KA - Vampire - Templar Always was Always is Always will be.

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Eliazaar Darkmatter

Once a man who died, then an angel who did God's will, and now the mortal emerges again with parts anew to pull

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Mizaki Resident

Sparkling angel, I believe You are my saviour in my time of need blinded by faith. I couldn't hear All the whi

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Cherry81 Resident

Dis owned and cast away by my Lycan clan at a young age yes born this way. I was rescued by a lycan that roamed

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Manami Hokkigai

A very curious, mentally flexible Japanese American who's got a wide range of interests, been around SL for a l

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Ashley Dassin


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Victoria Parisi

Once I had a dream. In my dream the world had suffered a terrible disaster. A black haze shut out the sun, and

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nicolea stine

☠ I am a vampire in The Institute. I have been trained in the martial and literary arts. I was banished from

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Nivea Vuckovic


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Denenthorn Masukami

I am the Magpie. Grand and Glorious.

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Feline in Tox

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Ace Congrejo

I am a descendant of a fallen angel and was cursed to carry the sins of my parents. I was raised in the human r

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Young single mother, from a poor family, grew up in the suburbs of her native town, home of the underworld fami

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Saloio Decosta

Was an old human when turned into a vampire. From a cold hearted human to a heartless vampire the transition

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Drake subagja

The name is drake and i am the lord of the shadows but just call me drake, that's fine to me " smiles calmly"

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Taurius Biedermann

I will write something interesting here but, for now i will just copy and paste ... just to fill it Like a C

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WinterReynez Resident

Bound to my family and my blade. Forever a Kindred.

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Brina Bluebird

Used to be..... HUMAN and proud of it ^_^ Brina passed away. Now I RP with the same SL account but it's a n

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Sara Xubersnak

Hello, I'm Sara, I'm Toxian city nurse . You can find me in the Hospital where I work.

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Shinnotatsu Resident

Deep Ruby Red eyes that burn bright in the darkest of night; She has Dark Red hair you cannot miss, along with

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Sensuous Serendipity

Cybernetic, GM, Ex-Commander of The Continuum in Toxian City, now Developer of DCS. Sen's areas of expertise a

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Siriol Mistwalker

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AnaSoutherington Resi

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Karanna has had a long and sorted history on toxia. but we can get to her past in roleplay. one of the lead

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JohnnyThunder DeCuir

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Moggio Morigi

Moggio (mo-jo) : A succubus demon whose body was created by the witchcraft of Joenta as she devoured my previou

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Website Administration

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stoopidmonkey oh

OH noes it's me.. well anyways.. Demon.. old.. powerful.. ya don't like it then stay out my way.. other than th

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Tallia Beaumont

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Oi Faith

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Logan I. Watts

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Beponka Nirvana

Born in Russia, during the reign of Peter I the Great. She had a difficult childhood passed into one of Moscow

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zelda Ashton

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Lian was born in the slums of Shanghai to a lower class family. Her mother died after giving birth and her fat

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Rinos Bonetto

The man called Bem. He was born in 1600 on Venice from the plague-infested. He is the only survivor in a va

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Mordeth Morgwain

A real fucking vampire...

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Raven Ebi

- RP name is Raven Stonewulf. - See in world profile for my entire background story. ツ

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Dena Gothly

☠ dєnα wαs crєαtєd ín thє єαrlч 1870's whєn shє wαs turnєd íntσ α vαmpírє. shє cαmє

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Cypherk4ne Resident

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Sydney Sandalwood

The only heir to her father's kingdom, and granddaughter to the high priestess of the Coven of Gardneria, Syd w

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kendall69 Resident

Once a Angelic Creature fallen from grace , to walk the earth .. seduced by the darkness of hell ..she finds he

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Strike Kumsung

A youth, lost to the darkness of the beast within. But found his way in the light of bushido. Now he stands fre

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Stitch Jonze

Sitich Jonze is a vampire, bitten at 29 years old. Stitch is a conceded, arrogant, egotistical SOB who enjoys t

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Grey Delarosa

The city she came from grew resistant to antibiotics. The forebears, her mother, father, siblings, everyone die

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Zion Volos

Well, I like pizza.

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Tiger Riegler

'Some Legends are told, Some turn to dust, some to gold, But you will remember me, Remember me, for Centurie

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Zoey22 Redstar

Name: Zoey Race: Werewolf (demolisher) Faction:

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JimmyBoyce resident

male from uk nuff said

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A natural born Wolf with an extensive criminal History Arslan had went to State prison at the age of 25. He had

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Halaku Resident

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Sammsa Resident

Name: Sammsa, Sam, Sammie Sex: Male ... Yes, I'm gay. No I don't hit on anyone! Age: 19 Race: Mystic/

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Righteous Angel....Protector of the Innocent Punisher of Evil

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Kuratit Sveiss

I play a Human- I MEAN MYSTIC in Toxia called Kuratit Sveiss (go figure). I've spent a lot of time roleplaying

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Russ Uxlay

Little Russ was a little witch with big dreams, a big gun and stuttering problems. Now she's a demon. With four

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ayana is a new were in the pack still very young and naïve about many things. .she is playfull mischievous and

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alijah Alcove

The Inspector

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