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For a while there has been a lot of confusion about the Base rules, I have just come to the realization that some of that is due that someone reworded the rules and reasoning causing confusion.  I am going to be a little more wordy on this rule to be fully clear until everyone gets the idea before it is edited.  Let's Begin....

Every Faction has a building they use as their home base.  Most of these factions also double the building as an IC business so there MAY be a public / storefront area in each faction home.  

Any faction doubling their home as a business, as any business owner, should try to keep things civil because that business may provide for their entire faction family ICly.

That doesn't mean you cannot kick an unruly patron from the areas you allow customers to roam free.

Of course it's common sense, as with any business that unless invited, only employees are allowed "in the back" or in certain sections of the building.  That is what you would technically call your base.

First, let me say, I do not believe you should immediately kick out everyone that walks into your base.  You may be missing out on some fine RP, or they could just be standing near to listen to your RP.  As long as they do not use that information ICLY "hear through walls" which is of course impossible, think of it as you have more audience to your performance.  I would indeed IM them though and ask them their intentions.   Someone walking into the shadow base sounds suicidal, but they may just want to watch OOCly a torture, in that case, the person wanting to "just watch" should put OOC in their tag, and ask permission.  You are therefore invisible if you are granted that permission.

NOW, in the past we have had higher levels wait until a faction' leaders leave a base, then go in and wipe out the entire low level part of the family in their own home.  This isn't fair, because of these asshats we have made certain base rules.  These rules have been confusing as of late because they were reworded improperly.

The Clarification:

THE REAL RULE:  If you go into someone's base, and they ask you to leave, you MUST leave.


ADVICE ON THIS RULE:  Now as adults, you guys can decide to do this many ways.  You can either stomp out with a "hmph", have them role play throwing you out,  or also if you both agree, end it with a DCS fight.  BUT if you choose to DCS fight, just for the dramatics of it, you need to lose, the reason is because how can someone throw you out if they are unconscious?  Because what is the real rule?

THE REAL RULE:  If you go into someone's base, and they ask you to leave, you MUST leave.


I hope this clears things up, if anyone has any questions or anymore confusion about the base rules contact a local GM and I will Make sure I clarify it more.

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