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Tutorial: Sending Effective Notices


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Toxian Tutorial: Group Notices

How to send a proper notice & why it's important


When we send out a notice through our Second Life Groups it is indeed to attract attention. It is an mass communication and advertising tool, whether to announce a DJ, an event, announcements, or even updates. The following guidelines should be followed by anyone and everyone sending out a notice whether in one of the main groups or in a faction.


If you send out a notice that is not thorough it makes it completely pointless. In this tutorial I will show you how to send a proper notice and why, complete with pictures. Above in "image1" you will see a proper notice. I have covered very important aspects of this notice and will also show images and why these aspects are important.



1. Title :


1a. Your title of your notice should always include the City's name. You can say TOX, Toxia, Toxian, etc. This is because a lot of people have alts, or may be off doing something else, but they still get their emails. If you do not put the name of the city in the notice, with 42 groups spamming their box daily, they will not realize by first glance where this notice is coming from. If you are doing a faction notice, use something like TOX KA or TOX HoS, so they realize it's a faction notice. If everyone does this, it will make people realize more and more how much activity is really going on in Tox. "image1a" gives you an idea of the importance of your title for your notice and how it looks in an email box.


1b. Make your Title Gripping but short. As you realize, the drop down notices cut off longer titles. Say the most important thing first in case this happens. Make someone want to open that email.


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2. Body: Repeat Your Title:


2a. As you can see in "image1", we repeated our title. This is because in the new viewers, the title is not placed in the chat box at all. The notation "2a" on "image1" shows this.


2b. If you let your title say it all, then people in game will not understand what you are talking about when they see just the body of the notice. Below in "Image2b" you will see how ridiculous this can be. As you can see in the chat the title was missing, this is why we must repeat the title.


(you may click on an image to enlarge it)



3. Body SLurl: Help them get here!


3a. As seen in "image1" notation "3" & "3a" shows the SLurl. This is important for several reasons. First, as you can see, the notice in chat did not add my landmark. Additionally, if someone clicks on your notice in their email, they can start up their viewer just by clicking the link in their email and arriving directly in Tox on log in.


3b. Obtaining a SLurl is quite easy and should be created where ever you are having your event or meeting so they know where to find you. "Image3b" shows exactly how to easily get a SLurl at your exact location and paste it into your notice.


(you may click on an image to enlarge it)


4. Attachment:


If you do not have a notecard or image to add to your notice, then create a landmark where you are standing and drag it in the attachment box. If someone is already in game, using an SLurl takes several more clicks and permissions just to open a landmark, so please add a landmark so again people may easily find you. Do not ever send a notice without an SLurl or a landmark, preferably have both.


5. New Recruit Key:


When you get a new recruit put in the notice the direct in world link to their profile...

Copy their Key from their profile and send the in world link to their profile with the announcement notice so your other members can immediately read about them and friend them if they wish like so ...
secondlife:///app/agent/b0fb46f5-7421-4189-b292-0d1c3122a124/about or secondlife:///app/agent/PUT THEIR KEY HERE/about


You will begin to notice an immediate difference in attendance and participation if you follow these simple guidelines.