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Faction Responsibilities

Every player is an asset and has a key role in the city or faction.  As I have JUST revised this for the first time in over a year, it may take your leaders and heads a little time to readjust procedures.  Perhaps you can offer to help with some of this.  

This is not just for the leader, this is not just for the sic, this is for everyone who has a responsibility in a group or may want to volunteer for one.  

The next portion of this, Part 2, which I still need to rework is marketing your faction group and role play tips.  

Enjoy the read, it's a long one.......



The role of a Faction Leader is an extensive one. All GM's must uphold all of their duties as a general staff member in Toxia as well as handle the needs of a group on sim. One role does not outweigh the other in any case.


You are not an overlord nor a dictator, listen to your family//faction, compromise work as a team, they will respect you more.


You have been assigned a group, but you should always consider the health of the whole city, every faction. OOCly we are all on the same team, OOCly you are not in a competition to have the best group.


RESPECT thy ENEMY! Every leader is as powerful as the next, you may despise them ICly, but degrading them ICly typically conflicts with the whole idea that OOCly we are on the same team. Since leaders are NPCs, some may very well in fact believe you question their leader capabilities. DO not do that! Do not Icly degrade the abilities of your fellow leader. Instead, you can say they are causing trouble and are nasty, but never underestimate your enemy. When you hear your faction players degrading another leaders capabilities, remind them, we may despise them, but never underestimate them. This is true for any real life problematic enemy, they must have power, or they wouldn't have got under your skin so bad.


Treat all members in your family equally. NEVER show favoritism towards a individual or have a clique within your group. This causes hardship towards the other members of your family and can lead to drama within it.
By becoming a faction head you also must have a firm understanding of both how your faction is to be run as well as how to play your race. You are setting an example for all other players on sim, and as such we need that example to be the best it can be.


Do not be overly critical. You are only human, as are your players, we get that, but your players should understand this as well. You are indeed not perfect, none of us are. Players do tend to get a bit overly critical if a leader goofs. Admit your mistake, reinforce you are only human, and thank them for pointing something out.





You have full reign of your group, roles, ranks, etc BUT you may not change the background or OOC structure of a group. Example, deciding to let a new race in on your own, or reworking the whole background. Although a background can be reworded, please contact Miss, if you would like to do this. She will work with you.


It is your duty as a Faction Head to ensure that all of your players know, understand, and follow the rules of the sim. Remember, your faction is a reflection of yourself and as such you want others to view both you and your group in a positive light. You must be aware if you have a problematic player and work with them to ensure they are not being disruptive to the role play around them.


Make sure you administrate your faction as the Leader or High Rank, have clear processes laid out (recruiting, new member integration, ongoing training and meetings, roleplay guidance, and creating innovative incentives for group members)




You Must be active!!! We all realize life get's busy, but taking 5 minutes out of your day to send a motivating notice, or check in with your group is crucial.


Even if your life is crazy busy right now, you should make special effort to be actually seen in sim, even if it's briefly. Talk in comm chat. Make sure you spend a few good hours in that busy time on sim.


If you JUST talk in your skype group, during this busy time, your group may know you are active and managing it behind the scenes, but others will not. People will begin to point out you are never there, your character is still IC and other groups, factions etc, may need or want to speak with you ICly, please do your best to make sure you are available, and give times when you will be.


IF Your life has become too hectic, you can't juggle this anymore, and you don't see it improving anytime soon. Then the responsible thing to do would be to discuss this with the GMs or leader for the health of the faction you love and the health of the sim. In other words, just don't leave them hanging.





All Faction leaders should appoint a Second In Command (SIC) and/or a council in their group. These individuals are there to assist you in helping you run your group, to the best of their ability, and act as a figure head when your not around. These people are meant to ease your faction-specific burdens and thus allow you to perform both your GM and Faction Leader duties to the best of your abilities. But make sure they ALWAYS run major decisions through you first. Delegate, sit down with them and let them know what decisions you prefer to be run by you first. So they know exactly what to bug you about and what their responsibilities are.


Any and all potential SiCs must be ran by the entire GM group for approval. The other leaders must be able to work with that person if you are not around. This is also why the leaders of other factions pick the leaders, not Miss. Miss may make suggestions from just her OOC standpoint, but she does NOT know the street rep of the candidates. In other words, If she sees, motivation, activity, enthusiasm, receptiveness, positive thinking, etc that she happened to pick up on here and there, she may toss out a few names for consideration. As these are all really epic skills to have as a leader. This does not make it law, she just gave her input for consideration from an OOC standpoint.


When you appoint a Second In Command (SIC) or Council and you allow them notice rights then you must clarify specifically NO NEGATIVE Notices is to be sent out. This causes Drama within the group and could tear a group apart causing players to leave and join another group or leave the sim entirely. Anyone you give that right too should be warned, and threatened to uphold their responsible duties within your group.


Do NOT leave an absentee High Rank in their position. Find out whats going on, and if they are just too busy to do their job, it is in fact an IC rank as well as some Admin. Not only Leaving them in this rank will discourage other players that really work hard, but also all the work you needed to delegate, falls back on you. You must have a functioning management team in your faction, and cannot do this alone.


Do NOT leave or neglect someone in the entry rank. There comes a point when they are no longer a baby in your group, notice this, and put them with a title, label, job description, types, however you have your titles set up when it is obvious they have been there a while.





As a Faction Head, it is your duty to motivate & assist group wide, and even sim wide role plays that focus on or involve your faction. It is your duty to promote roleplay on sim, and promote community within your group as well as maintain a friendly atmosphere oocly.


Relay to your players that problems do arise within a faction when the players are relying too heavily on the leaders of the groups to determine & create role play. You are all key members in your faction and all have something special to add, dont be afraid to do so. It isn't the sole responsibility of the faction heads to keep your group engaged, its just as much your responsibility. This is your faction too, put some or more effort into it. Take the bull by the horns. Motivate yourself and other players.


Work with other GMs and factions to promote more role play


Group Wars - wars can tear communities apart, they can run players and entire groups out of town and can leave some really hard feelings. Conflict should be determined by individual interaction. Group wars are not allowed what so ever. Group Conflicts are however and both leaders must agree to such a role play, the leaders should involve the players in this to a degree. You do not have to tell them the whole RP start to finish, but make them aware that your group and this other group would like to start a conflict and try to resolve any issues before they arise.

HITS: If a player starts to ICly cause trouble, and you need to take revenge choose your best fighter closest to the instigators level. Assign this task!!!! Absolutely the last resort should be the leader having to take revenge. COVER YOUR ASS! You will get, omg, gm bully, blah blah, butthurt. You will also have times where players corner you to try and get you to fight them, so they can run back to their GM , and say you MUST do something! This is entrapment. In this situation when you get cornered like this attempt to either call upon one of your players closer in level, and/or shrug them off as you have no time for such nonsense.





NO Poaching from other factions! As a recruiter, the moment you discover a player from another group would like to join yours you should always tell the GM in your group, so they can inform the other GM of this. Then wait for an ok from your GM to make this happen, this covers your ass so you are not labeled poacher.


No Tasks to join period. This discourages people, and you guys get a little too creative in your tasks. Take new recruits under your wing, giving them the basic rank, welcoming them into your family, then see how they perform, give them something to do as soon as they join or catch them up on the current role plays so they can immediately begin participating.


People tend to go where the action is.... When one group becomes more active than the rest, people start leaving groups and joining that group. No no no, when this happens you should interact with the active group representing your own group. Call little meetings to discuss the activity of the active group", figure out ways to get in on the action. Since there will be so much attention on the active group, if your group is involved it will draw more attention to yours. Instead of losing players, you will gain them. Don't be afraid to plan rps with all the groups.


People tend to want to join their friends..... I realize it is very exciting to get a couple of members in one day. You need to verify that the person's role play in fact does fit the group. In Toxia we are all in the same little city, they can still role play with their friends, do NOT jeopardize the meaning of your group, or the whole point of it, by letting someone in that does NOT fit. Example, someone not that evil joining the Shadows. Maybe their personality is more of a Renegade. Please point this out and try and set them up with a Renegade. Do not just leave them hanging.


No leader wants to turn someone away that wants to join them, so we don't turn them away, we work as a team to :"sell:" them on the idea of the other faction and how it suits them better.




1. Ask then why they want to join your group
2. Get them to explain their background to you in detail
3. Ask them what type of roleplay they want to do here
4. If their race typically would fit another faction better, point this out, and ask them why they chose your faction.
-a- If their reason is not valid for choosing yours over the other, begin selling them on the other faction.
-b- If their roleplay does indeed seem to fit your faction, make your GM aware immediately to review this.
---b1--- This way there is solid knowledge and understanding in place so, rumors like "so & so is taking all the vampire/cyber/wolves/kitties/demons" etc, is quickly rectified as the reason has already been validated. AKA : Cover YOUR ASS
EXAMPLE: A scientist werewolf trying to find a cure for his affliction, and his whole role play is wrapped around that, may indeed have some valid IC reason to be in the Institute or Continuum. In this scenario, we want the Pack Leads to have this information readily available, so when someone screams poacher, you do not suddenly become a target. AGAIN AKA Cover Your Ass


After the above steps, you may move to the recruiting process, which includes making sure:
1. Know the City's Background
2. Know your groups background
3. Know who the leaders are and who to go to for various things
4. Know the Rules
5. Meet the avatar guidelines
6. You do a basic weapons check, and help them with their DCS, or have the DCS trainer for your group meet with them
7. Announce them when they join in notices
-a-Copy their Key from their profile and send the in world link to their profile with the announcement notice so your other members can immediately read about them and friend them if they wish like so ...
secondlife:///app/agent/b0fb46f5-7421-4189-b292-0d1c3122a124/about or secondlife:///app/agent/PUT THEIR KEY HERE/about
8. Make sure they get set up on the website and in your online group
9. Give them a rundown on current role plays in your group
10. Give them something to do that immediately puts them in action, whether a simple task, or somehow working them into one of the current rps, or combo of both.

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