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Tutorial: Defending Against A Surprise Attack

Toxian City is a role play & combat city.  We have always catered to both the role player and the combat junkie with simple rules in place.  

To keep the Role Play environment alive, we have simply stated you must give an rp warning before an attack.  Would a vampire wait for his victim to respond to bite into them? NO.  Toxian City is a tough place, monsters around every corner.  You should indeed be fearful that any conversation could lead to an attack.  Below this text are the exact rules on this.  As it states, the other party does not need to respond before you attack, but it is indeed courteous to wait a moment.  That is not a rule, it is a suggestion.  BUT WHY YOU ASK?  Well as stated above we cater to both the combat junkies and the role players, but also, this allows you to kill campers.   If I put a time limit on how long to wait, some will bitch it isn't long enough.  

Someone plops down an attack line that does not give you the courtesy of replaying or getting ready and begins firing or swinging immediately.
-First off if their guns or sword is drawn, thats a pretty good sign something is about to do down, but they may draw them the moment they hit their attack line.
***Either way****
You are going to run into these types in Tox, period.  

Create a simple gesture, that not only says a response in it, but also draws your weapons
Pick up the Example Gesture here on the marketplace:  TOX DCS Auto Defender
Notice I used TAB as an alternate trigger key, use whatever you wish.  Change the personal channel to yours.  It will not only draw your weapon, but also allow you to respond via rp at the exact same time.
[08:58:51 AM]  Miss Wright eyes widen, drawing in a deep breath, unsheathing her/him weapons etc blah blah


Website rules....


If your DCS is activated (/9on), you are welcoming combat. If you do not want to engage in combat, deactivate your DCS by putting it into non-combative mode (/9off).

Do not detach or turn off your DCS2 meter during or immediately after engaging in combat.

There MUST be some kind of warning in character before you attack.  It doesn't have to be major, just as long as they get the hint.  A one liner is sufficient, but the more you put into it the more you are role playing.  The other party does not need to respond before you attack, but to be respectful and courteous you should wait a moment for them to get into position or respond.  We are a role play sim with combat as an enhancement, we want role play and believe this minor rule encourages it throughout the city.

When initializing combat, you should be in the realistic view of your opponent. This means:  sniping is not allowed, do not attack or shoot in the back; to initialize combat, your opponent must be facing you. The following are exceptions to this rule:

Exception A: They try to run after they realize you are after them.

Exception B:  You have been role playing with them in a threatening way and they turn to walk off (example: YOU: "You bastard you killed my mother!" OPPONENT: "So the fuck what" turns as he rolls his eyes giving a "shooing" motion with his hand and begins to walk away) -- A scenario like this .... shoot the fucker.

Visit Toxian City http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Toxia/219/131/27