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Tox Character Changes

Toxians .... Logic, Reason, Background, Role play, Race Changes

Too Many are forgetting this, and finding ways to role play out illogical scenarios ... listing a few
~no animals but the races we have
~the idea that god would allow a demon to become an angel (In this scenario, you could be what we call a possessed human, you must first get exorcized, be human a bit, then die after you prove yourself)
~demons with feathery wings
~you are 50K yrs old
~son of Lucifer
~this is a shit hole town why the fuck would the devil or god even bother
Remember, stay true to the background, consider things before making decisions that effect the entire city
If in doubt, please ask a gm



Start Fresh?

Sometimes due to rumors, burned bridges, because you hate your original SL name, or during a race change everyone get's you screwed up with your old characters background you may want to transfer your levels....

~This can be a secret process

~You do not get to add levels from both alts together.

~One of your alts would go to level 1 or deleted entirely, your choice, and the levels from that character are manually put in over the new character name.

~Due to the time it takes, and this manual process the fee for such a request is 2000L ... This should be paid directly to Miss Wright, or confirmed it was indeed placed in one of the donation jars.

At this time, please make requests to the Admin on this site, and/or Slan Sabre , by sending a private message through the site.

Your other option is to use the in game reroll system

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