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Tutorial: Communicating Roleplay

Tutorial: Communicating Roleplay GMs, Officers, & Faction Leads


Complaints: "No one is role playing" , "Where is the role play?" , "It shouldn't take a party to get people in the sim, it should be the role play."
There's tons of role play going on all over the city, I see it because I belong to every faction group.  I see the notices, I see the discussions in group chat.  The problem is that everyone is too closed off from each other.  No one hears about these role plays so they do not know they are happening.
They key is communication and we have many outlets at our disposal
True the parties bring in people, but that is because there are notices going out about the parties.  Where are the notices about the role play.
We are going to solve this issue.  We are NOT a party sim, we are a role play sim and we ARE going to promote our role play.
The following new procedures are requirements that every GM WILL participate in.
Communicating Role Play & Storylines -   If you heard about it, tell the rest of the GMs. Interesting role plays big or small, whether your whole faction is involved or just an interesting role play one of your members is doing.  We should all know what every group is doing.  It gives the other GMs the opportunity to possibly join or assist with the role play, get their group involved, give us ideas on similar things we can do, and at the very least the GMs aren't blindsided by certain happenings and know how to respond.  Now of course we pretend we don’t know this information ICly and play coy, but OOCly we should know about all the IC stuff. Please submit these reports on the GM Forum http://toxiancity.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=443&view=category&layout=list

At times when we log in we sometimes notice that things are silent and people are not roleplaying . We are not those who should start all the roleplay but there are ways to get the roleplay rate to go up . We can make this city back into a smooth machine where every gear is connected with others, working all together and roleplaying every moment we are around

A few example how to improve roleplay within the group first :
-Talk in groupchat to eachother , there are many times in a group when things are just silent, these times are roleplay killers, talking shows who all is around and people may be encouraged to say " hey, **** , why dont we go there and do that together, could be fun "
-Encourage people who are in roleplay to post a funny or splendid roleplay post of the roleplay they are in . This way people could think " hey, i could do that also,
If someone visits your group base, make certain it is posted in groupchat so people know " hmm, this or that person is in our house/ factory/shop, i will go look, maybe my fellow groupmembers need help or a good rp could happen.or lets see what they are doing in our base "

Examples how to create more roleplay in general :
-GET OUT THERE : even if just you and 2 others are online you can go out your base and visits other bases, do what you group does,  make remarks to eachother on the street that others could overhear , get people to see your group is out and about
-Send out notices about who visited your base , notices with a good rp a groupmember has done, notices about what to look out for ....simply said, make people think " damn i missed that " or " i could have been in that roleplay " make people realize there is always roleplay going on,
- Post a rp line in citizen line that makes people wonder " what is going on there, i must go check " even a basic line can already create a roleplay . Lines like " the covens are marching determined towards the library " or " the shadows flow out the pit like ants out a anthill , spreading out in the city gathering strange things " or a simple " a loud bang makes the windows in the city tremble, some smoke spirals out of a broken factory window.

A group is not so different from a new product that has to be sold . To promote the product there must be advertising, marketing , a strategy to make people buy the product ( roleplay with the group ) .
Being a GM means also to think like a salesperson, you want to get your product ( your group ) known and start earning the big money ( a lot of roleplay starting ) so you focus on bringing out the good points of the product so people buy it , want it, need it . When people start wondering where your product can be found  ( where people of your group are ) then you know you are doing a great job .

Other Tips:

Join various groups in SL that are related to your faction to advertise.  Whether a generic Vampire group, Roleplay Network, Roleplay Gateway, Wiccan Groups, Witches, Demons of SL, Werewolf Groups, Nekos of SL ...

Some of these groups, will give you notice rights on request to advertise, please follow the sending effective notices tutorial either if you paste an announcement, or send a notice SENDING EFFECTIVE NOTICES